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Extranet Systems Inc.

Infomation-communication Industry

Takayoshi YAMAMOTO (Mr.)
Year established
17,500,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
IT Otemachi bldg. 6F, 3-1-3 Otemachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
● With "correlation extraction method" as the core technology, we upgraded defect detection in the production line. Furthermore, by applying "causal analysis", we improved estimation accuracy of defects or abnormal factors, and started supporting creation of a mechanism that integrates operation and maintenance. Lubrication failure and misalignment of rotating machine are monitored by vibration data at existing plant., and "proactive maintenance (cause removal type)" is carried out easily.
■ We received the TPM Excellence Product Award (Development Award) from the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance in 2014 !
● Main results of this service Total number of units as of the end of September 2016: 1270 units
For local governments / sewerage purification centers; 191 units (including drainage facilities) For thermal power plants; 220 units For mills, 844 units For hydroelectric power plants; 15 units
● We provide a development license that a machine manufacturer mounts the sensor to its product and provides an after-sales service.
■ We started verifying the core technology of a new monitoring system for plant equipment including rotating machine. We concluded a patent license agreement with a major engineering company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange to build a new business model.
Picture 1

We received the TPM Excellence Award from the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance for our original degradation diagnosis service.

Major Products
Entrusted development of failure detection performance of production line
Deterioration diagnosis service for rotating machinery
Condition monitoring based on correlation extraction method and licensing of inspection functions
Development of the new monitoring system for the device type plant
Major Customers
Meiden Engineering Corporation
Satake Corporation
Chiyoda Corporation
Riverhead systems Co., Ltd
Rikei Corporation
Daiko Denshi Tsushin, Ltd.
Technology Employed
Information service industry
Cause elimination type maintenance was easily realized by vibration with patented technology and DB:feature amounts being latent in the waveform spectrum as an index.
Information service industry
Monitoring techniques based on the relationship of the system and mechatronics parameter of plant device.
Information service industry
Causal analysis technology
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Major feature and effectiveness is to realize proactive maintenance using the vibration data by the degradation diagnosis service based on "correlation extraction method".
On the basis of the state-based maintenance, proactive maintenance comprises two elements, cause eleminating maintenance and predictive maintenance. Especially, by monitoring insufficient lubrication and axis misalignment, it becomes possible to early detect deterioration of bearing parts,etc. and to take measures/repair at an appropriate time, which is to realize "Life extension of a machine with no trouble" so as to complete its original designed life. Furthermore, we can construct a causal model for an extracted factor group and estimate the cause of occurrence probability in combination with Bayesian inference.

Future Business Challenges
To reduce individual works, not only to improve efficiency in the degradation diagnosis service by automating analysis and diagnostic works as much as possible.
To improve usability for users by providing a wireless LAN optionally as communication function of failure prediction device.
To help machine manufacturers to mount the sensor to their products and provide after-sales services after shipping to add extra value.
To early detect abnormal signs of plant device. To provide information to investigate and plan the measures before an operator is aware of it.
Future Technical Challenges
Internet-associated service industry
Using signal separation technology, we can perform the applicable deterioration diagnosis by extracting only the necessary signal.
Information service industry
To put thecomprehensive diagnosis system for early detecting abnormal signs of plant device into practical use.

4 patents registered .

(1) Method for diagnosing object facility, computer program, and device for diagnosing object facility : Patent No. 3382240
(2) Method and apparatus for evaluating object of diagnosis : Patent No. 4049331
(3) Method and apparatus for totally diagnosing plant device : Patent No. 5753301
(4) Cause searching method for state change of object: Patent No. 6154523

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