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Tomotetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.


Kazuteru TOMOHIRO (Mr.)
Year established
39,500,000 yen
2,200,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
6151-1 Imuro, Asa-cho, Asakita-ku,
Company PR
- Tomotetsu Kogyo delivers all kinds of castings, including various types of castings for metal dies, from a JIS-approved plant with full quality assurance. - Tomotetsu Kogyo contributes to urban landscaping projects through iron manhole covers, cast monuments, and other products. - Castings for automotive press dies are manufactured by direct carving of styrofoam, based on 3-D CAD data, to create the die. From casting to machining, we can provide high-quality products in a short amount of time.
Major Products
Casting raw material for press mold
Casting raw material for die casting mold
Manhole iron cover (for sewerage, electric power, etc.)
All kinds of casting materials for machine use
Various types of castings used in urban landscaping
Major Customers
Mitsubishi Motors Corp.
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Hiroshima Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.
KEYLEX Corporation
Major Facilities/Equipment
High frequency induction furnace 1
 Furnace capacity: 5 t × 2 (single power source), output: 1800 kW
High frequency induction furnace 1
 Furnace capacity: 5 t × 2 (single power source), output: 2400 kW
Overhead travelling crane 11
 30 × 1, 20 t× 3, 10 t × 5, 5 t × 2
Emission spectrometer 2
 Can analyze 21 elements simultaneously.
15 t monorail blasting 1
 4100 x 5100 x 9400
Technology Employed
Steel industry
Via the self-hardening process, produces cast iron items from small (1 kg) to large (15 t).
Steel industry
Steel industry
Officially approved to bear JIS marks on its spheroidal graphite cast iron (FCD) products, utilizing high-strength cast iron, can offer full quality assurance.
Steel industry
By company-wide total quality control (TQC), can offer full quality assurance not only in its hardware but also in its software.
Steel industry
Performs NC cutting on styrene foam patterns for casting and manufactures low-cost patterns in quick turnaround time.
Steel industry
Creates CAM data from CAD and performs NC machining on castings.
Steel industry
Via speedy emission spectrochemical analysis conducted simultaneously with production, provides complete chemical component management.
Steel industry
Conducts flawless quality assurance through JIS-based tensile, elongation, hardness measurement, and spheroidizing rate tests.
Steel industry
Plans and designs special manhole covers and various cast monuments which are utilized in urban landscaping projects.
With consistent production capability covering everything from casting to machining, meets all kinds of customer demands.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Based on the technology to produce iron castings, of which Tomotetsu Kogyo boasts a long tradition, the company offers consistent production, covering planning/proposal, design, casting, machining, painting and assembly. In producing cast iron, can handle low-cost production in small lots with quick turnaround times via the casting method based on styrene foam patterns.

Future Business Challenges
Manufacutring of dies and machines using thick ductile instead of cast steel previously used.
Planning, proposal, design, production and construction of landscape areas as part of efforts to build appealing urban environments.
Future Technical Challenges
Steel industry
Technology and methods to design various cast products that are used in urban landscaping projects.
Steel industry
Technology to cast materials in ultra-short-term period based on CAD engineering data.
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