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Mishima Foods Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing Industry

Misao SUESADA (Mr.)
Year established
90,000,000 yen
13,960,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
2-1-53 Minamiyoshijima, Naka-ku,
Corporate picture
Company PR
We are one of the top manufactures of FURIKAKE (traditional Japanese seasoning) and also known for our retort pouch food and mixed rice seasoning. Our motto is “Selling high quality products the right way” which has been the philosophy or making sure we purchase high standard raw materials to ensure the best quality for our customers/consumers. Our facilities in HIROSHIMA prefecture (where we started) has been well known for our high quality products, and production of dry goods as well as RED SHISO farming for “YUKARI” ®, and with the expansion of our sales, we currently have an additional factory in KOCHI prefecture for the “SUJIAONORI” (seaweed/green laver) cultivation to create efficient quality control as well as production. These two facilities are the key to providing our customers with high quality products and ensuring we provide our motto to each and every customer.
Major Products
Furikake (Traditional Japanese seasoning which is sprinkled over rice)
Mixed rice seasoning
Retort pouch food
Major Customers
Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co., Ltd.
Nippon Access Inc.
Kokubu Group Corp.
Toa Shoji Co., Ltd.
Major Facilities/Equipment
Dried bonito shaving machine 8
Drying machine (conveyor type) 5
Inspection equipment (gold finder · X-ray · image sorting etc.)
Sachet filling packing machine 9
Packing machine 20
Retort sterilization pot 2
Technology Employed
Food manufacturing industry
Our development div. and labs are investigating users’ needs and working to make them a reality.
Food manufacturing industry
A blend plan is considered to minimize use of additives, so as to make the most of the ingredients used.
Food manufacturing industry
Foreign matters in natural food ingredients are removed using screening units which are designed for each ingredient. These units include some which have been developed in-house.
Food manufacturing industry
A hot-air drying technology is available which assists the preservation of flavors and colors of ingredients such as the red perilla, Hiroshima greens, wakame seaweed, and dried bonito.
Food manufacturing industry
Base ingredients like kamameshi rice and daily dish, etc. are pressurized, heated, and sterilized in a retort pouch sterilizer cooker.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

A series of process, including ingredient screening, processing, seasoning, and packing, are done by utilizing basic drying-technology along with our unique processing technology and improving technology for equipment. Production is automated which will result in even higher quality.

Future Technical Challenges
Food manufacturing industry
Pursue technology for detecting not only foreign matters, but also microorganisms in basic ingredients which are used in large proportion.
Food manufacturing industry
Advance research and development for a drying method specific to each type of food.
Food manufacturing industry
Develop a sterilizing technology to suit the characteristics of each type of food. Also develop technology which is compatible with the existing technology.
Food manufacturing industry
Develop a technology to make massive multiplication of superior strains.
Food manufacturing industry
Technology related to functionality of food products.
Food manufacturing industry
Rationalize production activities by making full use of robots, AI etc.
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