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Koka Plastic Industry Co., Ltd


Akihide KANO (Mr.)
Year established
10,000,000 yen
120,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
818 Toge, Kabe-cho, Asakita-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
Whether providing ideas and designs or the finished products, we respond to the customer’s needs by understanding the customer’s point of view.
Our products undergo thorough quality control, from a single prototype to an order of 3,000 pieces a month.
Try changing cut metal products or die cast products into engineer plastic, or synthetic rubber into an elastomer. We are sure plastics can offer the advantage you need, such as making products lighter, quieter, more recyclable, and cheaper.

Transparent molded products

Thick molded products, Insert molded products

Major Products
Semiconductor manufacturing related parts
Printing press parts
Interior stationery, Office-products, Cases
Building material
Vehicle/machine parts,Industrial needle related parts
Major Customers
WOOD ONE Co., Ltd.
Mitsui Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Kuroda Electric Co., Ltd.
Tulip Co.,Ltd
Major Facilities/Equipment
Injection molding machine 9 (total)
 40 t (3), 60 t (2), 80 t (1), 140 t (2), 220 t (1)
Ultrasound welder 1
Technology Employed
Plastic products manufacturing industry
Responds to customer needs in assembly, etc., with emphasis on injection molding.
Plastic products manufacturing industry
Welding via ultrasound welder, can cope with resins that are highly resistant to chemical attack.
Plastic products manufacturing industry
Can offer coloring in response to customer needs.
Plastic products manufacturing industry
Performs thorough process control of 300 cavity successive production, etc.
Plastic products manufacturing industry
Utilizing engineering plastics, has achieved precision of hundredth range.
Plastic products manufacturing industry
Utilizing all kinds of peripheral equipment, has achieved low cost by introducing automation without the necessity for operators.
Plastic products manufacturing industry
Optimizes quality control via rigorous checking of each process, sample checking before shipment, and 100% inspection upon request.
Plastic products manufacturing industry
Recycles a part or all parts of returned molding parts.
Plastic products manufacturing industry
Responds to customer needs by selecting raw materials with necessary characteristics.
Plastic products manufacturing industry
Responds at low cost to customer needs even in complicated insertion molding.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Systematizing process and quality control not only for small-lot production, but also for all kinds of production including mass production, consistently supplies products. Makes suggestions at designing and styling stage and makes cost-reduction proposals.

Future Business Challenges
Cooperate with other industries in developing new products.
Expand super engineering plastics.
Expand welfare-related and food-related products.
Future Technical Challenges
Plastic products manufacturing industry
Aim for comprehensive execution of all kinds of tests and measurement by our company.
Plastic products manufacturing industry
Aim for transforming from passive recycling to active recycling.

We currently do not have our own intellectual property, because our users have registered intellectual property for cooperatively developed products. We have maintained the founder’s concept users’ profit comes first.

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