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Yamatoyo Co., Ltd.


Year established
50,000,000 yen
1,406,270,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
Company PR
Everybody loves our products, Aki-na and Aki-murasaki (Tsukemono, or Japanese pickles of potherb mustard). We at Yamatoyo want to contribute to everyone’s daily health by encouraging eating vegetables. By obtaining ISO14001 certification, we aim to make further local contributions with Earth-friendly health products.
Major Products
Pickled potherb mustard, Hiroshima-na zuke, Aki-na
Yamatoyo made shiso (beefsteak plant) flavored, Aki-murasaki
A combination of field and mountain flavors, rolled with Hiroshima-na, So-sai Series
Pickled vegetable gift set , Yamatoyo Sanzetsu and Aki Ametsuchi no Sachi.
Fiber-rich Aki-sudare, with blended Hiroshima-na
Major Customers
Hiroshima City department stores
Japan Railway Service Net Hiroshima
Food wholesalers nationwide
Kansai and Kanto (eastern half of Japan) region pickle wholesalers.
Major Facilities/Equipment
Cooling/refrigeration facilities 7
 Total space: 500 square meters -25 °C/5 °C/10 °C
Desalting/cleaning machine 3
 With stirrer
Continuous heater/sterilizer 2
 Steam type (1), Boiling water type (1), Water-cooled warm-air dryer
Automatic packager 2
 Continuous rotary vacuum packing
Drainage disposal equipment 1
 Activated sludge processing, 400 tons per day
Technology Employed
Food manufacturing industry
We develop pickled food products, etc., using vegetables including Hiroshima-na.
Food manufacturing industry
We have production technology of aged pickles, applying natural lactic fermentation and aging technology.
Food manufacturing industry
Low salt pickle manufacturing technology.
Food manufacturing industry
We have the expertise to make all types of flavored pickles.
Food manufacturing industry
Food packaging sterilization technology.
Food manufacturing industry
We use long term storage technology to help preserve our products and maintain quality through salt pickling and refrigeration.
Food manufacturing industry
Activated sludge processing technology for manufacturing process drainage treatment.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

We are proud to say that in the field of flavored pickled products we have the highest level technology in Japan in particular for processing aged pickles and vegetable food processing/seasoning.

Future Business Challenges
Revive storage technology and pickling processed food product design and development.
Production of agricultural products from farms operated by our company
Future Technical Challenges
Food manufacturing industry
Make our manufacturing schedule more efficient/automated.
Food manufacturing industry
Implement quality control throughout the manufacturing process, from raw materials to the finished product.
Internet-associated service industry
Utilize the Internet to provide information and for product ordering.

*Many food product processing technology patents. *Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) authorized factory, 10/26/1998. *ISO14001 (JIS Q 14001) certification obtained, 8/11/2000. *Sublicense agreement signed with CRDA (Montreal, Canada), 9/7/2000.

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