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Yamadaya Co., Ltd.


Yasufumi NAKAMURA (Mr.)
Year established
14,000,000 yen
1,900,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
835-1 Miyajima-cho, Hatukaichi-shi,
Company PR
For the more than 80 odd years since our founding in 1932, Yamadaya has devoted itself to the production of momiji-manju (a maple-leaf-shaped bun with bean-jam filling), our main product.
We are extremely proud of our momiji-manju, and we maintain our own special bean-jam production plant, which delivers an original flavor that has been highly popular with a great many customers.
Our Toyoka (Paulownia cake) also received the Honorary President’s Award at the 24th All-Japan Confectionery Expo (2002), and we continue to work for the creation of new textures and flavors.
For the future, we are focusing on research aimed at meeting the food needs of our customers, and paying attention to safety and security of food, while maintaining our traditional old-shop flavor, in order to succeed as a company that continually develops with the times.

Toyoka (Paulownia cake) are baked with our company’s own red bean paste and mochi rice flower. This cake has a delicate flavor, and is ideal when served with tea.

A new type of sweet blend of Japanese and Western produced by anather brand of Yamadaya "RAKU Yamadaya".

Major Products
Various types of momiji-manju (trained bean jam, granular bean jam, powdered tea, chocolate, cream, cheese, sweet potato, tangerine, lemon, chestnut, bamboo charcoal, red pepper powder, milk cream, salt from burning seaweed)
Toyoka (Paulownia cake)
Large momiji-manju
Shakushi-senbei crackers
RAKU Yamadaya brand
Major Customers
Hiroden Miyajima Garden Co., Ltd.
West Japan Railway Daily Service Net Company (KIOSK)
Fukuya Co., Ltd. (main store, station store) (department store)
Mitsukoshi Ltd. (Hiroshima store, Nihonbashi main store, etc.) (department store)
Shops (Sanyo Expressway; Miyajima service area, Kodani service area, Kudamatsu service area, etc.), Izumi each shop
Major Facilities/Equipment
Manju (bean-jam) baking line 12
 Gas-type, 800 - 3000 cakes/hour
Large momiji-manju baking line 6
 Gas-type, 200 cakes/hour
Shakushi-senbei baking line 1
 Gas-type 1500 crackers/hour
Bean-jam production line 1
 A fuel-oil-type, max. production: 1000 kg/day
Technology Employed
Food manufacturing industry
Makes efforts to develop new products that meet customers’ needs while conserving traditional taste.
Food manufacturing industry
Conducts quality control, including the introduction of inspection equipment for common germs and E coli.
Conduct and consign special testing for the Hiroshima Health & Environment Association
Food manufacturing industry
Food manufacturing industry
Acquired the Hirosima-pref. certification for food sanitation self-management to improve food sanitation.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Mechanizing production process of hand-baked products to achieve labor saving and product quality uniformity.

Future Business Challenges
Enhancement of momiji-manjyu experience area
Study products that meet the needs of customers.
Enhancement of momiji-manjyu experience area
Aimed at food safety and security.
Future Technical Challenges
Food manufacturing industry
Long-term storage technology of momiji-manju

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