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Last updated : 04/01/2020

Nakametal Co., Ltd.

Toshio NAKAYAMA (Mr.)
Year established
80,000,000 yen
3,600,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
204-7 Ogawara-cho, Asakita-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR

We believe that in the world of industry, even if there are things which are not needed, there is no such thing as waste.
An item which is not needed by a company can, with work, be turned into something useful for a different purpose.
Our company seeks to be of help to corporations which are working to reduce the amounts of waste materials. For this purpose we will utilize the expertise and technologies that we have developed since our founding in order to identify unneeded items that can be turned into useful materials.
At present, while environmental protection and recycling are expected from all companies, our company is not satisfied with just this. We are working to improve our environmental performance, correctly evaluate the value of items, and return this value to our customers.

Major Products
Various types of scrap steel stock (raw material for steel-making)
Various types of non-metal scraps
Used automotive parts for export (engines and other small parts)
Used motorbikes for export and used agricultural machinery for export
Used heavy machinery and construction machinery for export
Major Customers
Major electric furnace manufacturers
Major blast furnace manufacturers
Major Facilities/Equipment
Shredder plant 1
 Made by Tissenhenshel Corp. of Germany, 1,250 hp, processing capacity 240 t/day
Pre-shredder 1
 Made by Fuji Shyaryo Co., Ltd., 200 hp, processing capacity 900 t/day
Guillotine shear 1
 Made by Santo Sangyo Co., Ltd., Maximum pressure 710 t, processing capacity 80 t/day
Dry-type nugget plant 1
 Made by Pyon-hwa Industry of South Korea, processing capacity 3 t/day, copper production capacity 1 t / day
Pre-selection vehicle wrecking line 1
 Machine built in-house: Capacity 80 vehicles/day
Technology Employed
Steel industry
Dust sorting to increase the metal recovery rate
Steel industry
Reducing the amount of final waste by turning flammable residues into solid fuel, reducing CO2 emissions and increasing the recycling rate
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

We process difficult-to-process compound materials with a high recycling rate.
Maintaining a high recycling rate increases the added value of intermediate processed materials, improving the producer's cost performance.

Future Business Challenges
Expansion into chemical industry area: Utilization of unused materials and development of their uses (i.e. to make waste into solid fuel, etc.); collection of high-purity metal materials by means of even more precise segregation of waste through component analysis, etc. CFC collection/disposal: To enter the following business areas: Collection of CFCs (refrigerants widely believed to be responsible for the destruction of the ozone layer); recovery/treatment of waste oil, waste cooling water, etc. from scrap cars.

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