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Tokyo Kyuei Co., Ltd. Hiroshima Sales Office


Ryuji YOKOYAMA (Mr.)
Year established
100,000,000 yen
(All staff of head office and branches)
Postal (zip) code
Company address
Mitsui life Hiroshima ekimae bldg 6F,
1-23 Kyobashi-cho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
At Tokyo Kyuei, we have been working with the sea for 50 years. We are a general engineering company using coastal ocean, and has achieved great success in particular fields, and we have established harmony with the environment as a guiding principle. Our engineering services have been developed to meet the needs of the changing times, and have all been developed through actual work and in the field. Based on the information and skills which we have acquired, we utilize a complete and integrated management system to carry out surveys, testing, R&D, planning and design, manufacture, construction, maintenance, and management. Our company's Environmental Division offers consulting on a broad range of environmental issues, including environmental surveys, environmental analysis, forecasts of environmental impacts, assessments, and environmental creation projects such as protection and restoration of natural areas. In our Engineering Division, our company's seawater intake equipment provides up to 200 million tons of ideal seawater per day for purposes such as cooling water and water for raising fish and shellfish. We also carry out planning, design, and construction of aquaculture-related facilities, as well as investigate, inspect, and repair damaged parts of their underwater structures in order to maintain their function.

In just 24 hours, this system performs the fermentation process which used to require a period lasting form several days to several months. The fermented products are put to effective use as material for fertilizers. The small-size machines can be used to process residues that are produced by seafood processing facilities and school lunch centers.

The habitat of eelgrass, which is decreasing due to the creation of harbors, fishing ports, coastal renovations, and other work. In order to maintain this habitat, we operate a business in all parts of Japan for creating alternate habitat sites and transplanting the eelgrass, and we have successfully conducted transplanting operations in Hiroshima City (Hiroshima Bay).

Major Products
Seawater intake and discharge equipment (for aquaculture facilities, power plants, factories, and other purposes)
Clay for transplanting eelgrass (clay anchoring method)
Machine for high-speed fermentation of shellfish and other marine organisms (large machine and small machines). Processing capacity: Approximately 5 t/day (large machine), and approximately 250 kg/day and 80 kg/day (small machines)
Jellyfish reducing machine: 30 m3/day (12 hours of operation)
Major Customers
The Chugoku Electric Power Co.,Inc.
Electric Power Development Co.,Ltd
Various local municipalities (Hiroshima Prefecture, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Shimane Prefecture, Okayama Prefecture, Tottori Prefecture, and various cities, towns, and villages)
Chugoku Regional Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Major Facilities/Equipment
Machine for high-speed fermenting of marine organisms 1
 Processing capacity: 5 t/day (24-hour operation)
Jellyfish reducing machine 1
 30 m3/day (12 hours of operation)
 Includes filtering unit
Underwater inspection robot (ROV) 3
 3 units with different depth resistance and cable length: 400 m, 200 m, 150 m. Underwater inspection robot
 with mounted TV camera (Operated from equipment installed on shore or ship.)
Technology Employed
Commercial machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Machine for high-speed fermentation of marine organisms: Processing capacity: 5 t/day (24-hour operation)
Commercial machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Jellyfish reducing machine: Meets the wastewater standards established by all local municipalities and private companies. * After processing by the filtering unit
Commercial machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Structure for transplanting eelgrass and eelgrass transplanting method (patent No. 1980023)
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

The shellfish and other marine organisms which attach themselves to underwater structures were previously disposed of as waste material, however as part of recycling programs that are being carried out nationwide, these organisms are fermented in order to yield fertilizing materials noted for their high calcium content and high water-absorbing ability. In addition, we utilize a foamed material made from recycled glass as a foundation material when creating kelp farms and reefs, and use charcoal ash, steel slag, and other materials as substrates, in order to contribute to a recycling society.

Future Business Challenges
Development of materials for collecting waterborne clam larva and promoting their attachment on the bottom
Future Technical Challenges
Commercial machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Fermentation technology for shellfish and other marine organisms Fermentation of aosa seaweed and other organisms
Commercial machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Development of jellyfish pulverizing technology Pulverizing of large-size jellyfish (Echizen jellyfish)
Commercial machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Improving pumping characteristics to stabilize output and reduce CO2 as a result of improved power generating efficiency
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