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Manufacturing Industry

Megumi KIKKAWA (Mr.)
Year established
50,000,000 yen
659,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
6-9-25 Itsukaichi Chuo, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Corporate picture
Company PR
LABOTEC is primarily engaged in the measurement certification business and in the development of automatic analysis devices.

1)Measurement certification business:
From the perspective of public health and pollution prevention, we measure the air, water and soil quality, the noise and vibration levels, we analyze waste materials and drinking water, according to national requirements prescribed by Japanese government and national agencies, or by local governments. We also offer a wide range of analyses, including plant analyses for the determination of operating conditions of chemical plants or other products quality-related analyses.
2)Automatic analysis devices:
In our Automated Analyses Devices Development Division, we identify various needs for measurement certification from offices and plants across Japan, and use our company's expertise and experience to develop original and specific devices, which are not available from any other company, from inside or outside Japan. We carry out in our company all stages of the developmental process, from conception, design, production, testing and finally sale.
Picture 1

Automatic BOD measurement device
(Quick and efficient multi-sample BOD measurements.)

Picture 2

Automatic drinking water system
(Performs a simultaneous 10-items analysis, the results being in concordance with Jpanese Water Supply Law)

Major Products
Automated BOD measurement device
Automated BOD measurement device that functions even on Saturdays and Sundays
N-hexane extraction device
Gas injectors
Sulfur compound concentrating and injecting devices
Major Customers
Prefectural septic tank associations
Measurement certification offices throughout Japan
Working environment measurement offices throughout Japan
Chemical plants throughout Japan
Major Facilities/Equipment
Metal analysis
 Atomic absorption spectrophotometers, ICP atomic emission spectrometer
Sick house syndrome analysis
 Gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer, High performance liquid chromatography
Technology Employed
Electric machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
 We create automatic analysis devices which are in conformity with JIS standards, such as tap water testing methods and other officially designated analytical methods.
Electric machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
 We develop devices intended for fully-automated analysis systems for a wide range of items, using the standardized methods described in official documentations.
Electric machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
We also offer contracted analysis services in various fields (chemical as well as metallurgical and steel-related), we are open to collaborative research and we also perform several other types of services.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Along with our environmental measurement and certification main activities, we develop automated devices for analyses inside applied technologies, for environmental analyses (including drinking water quality) and for working-environment analyses (including air, water and soil quality).

Future Business Challenges
Development, production and sale of various analyses devices for chemical processes
Plant automation and maintenance devices
Automation of food products analyses
Automation in the medical field
International technology exchanges
Future Technical Challenges
Electric machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
 We are pursuing the design of an automated analyzer for applied technologies using automatic extraction with organic solvents.
Electric machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
 We are targeting the application of unmanned measurements technologies.
Electric machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
 We are developing several technologies for bacteria culturing and measurements, used in food production, medical or environmental areas.
Electric machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
 We create performant devices for desulfurization and denitrification determinations of flue-gas.
Development of automated measuring devices for n-hexane extraction processes.
Development of automated BOD measurement devices for week-end uses.
Development of automated devices for measurement of ammonia levels.
Development of automated devices for dioxin detoxification equipments.
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