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C-COM Co., Ltd.


Hiroshi IWAMOTO (Mr.)
Year established
40,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
5-2-41 Kounan, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
C-COM Co., Ltd. Is a developer and manufacturer of prototypes located in Hiroshima, known to both domestic and international automobile manufacturers. Building on the knowledge accumulated in the automotive industry, we are now branching out into the aviation industry, making us a company with great potential.
Following a policy of “high quality, short lead time, low cost,” we continue to put all of our effort towards technological innovation.
In future, automobile development in the digital era will most likely continue to move away from conventional drawings, and towards prototype simulation. C-COM will continue to stay a step ahead, endeavoring to be your best partner in the development business.

Our company manufactured the prototype for the entire body, including the tooling, parts, and assembly jig for the 2000 model Rolls Royce.

2000 KW class gas turbine parts made of cobalt alloy, for which we also provide welding assembly.

Major Products
Prototype parts for automobiles
Gas turbine engine parts
Aircraft engine parts
Prototype sheet metal parts for construction machines
Other prototype sheet metal parts
Major Customers
Mazda Motor Corp.
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.
Suzuki Motor Corporation
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
Major Facilities/Equipment
 Hardware: OCTANE, Indigo2 Software: STRIM100 Quantum, UG, I-DEAS, CATIA, Autoform (press simulation)
NC machine tool 13
 Double column type machining centers, CNC copy milling machines, NC milling machines
5-axis laser-beam machine 8
 TLM-608C, 2000 W; RL261, 1700 W; ML3122VZ2, 3600 W; TLM614C, 4000 W
Hydraulic press 21
 30 t, 60 t, 200 t, 300 t, 500 t, 1000 t, 1500 t
Multi-axis measuring arm 6
Technology Employed
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Directly linked CAD/CAM system and NC machines. Realized faster delivery times and higher precision through DNC processing.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
As a manufacturer of automobile prototype parts including doors and fenders, is regarded highly both at home and abroad.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Can process large parts via a press machine (X:4,400, Y:2,500) with 1,500 t capability.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Can process large parts and perform tailored welding using laser-beam machine with output of 4000 W (3,100x1,900x700).
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Has extensive experience in the field of special materials processing, including aircraft and gas turbine engine parts.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Realizes low-cost and short delivery times, by fully automatic NC machining.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Ensures quality control system for each process operated by the worker in charge, based on the concept of considering subsequent processes as customers.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Passing the MIL (U.S. Forces) Quality Control Standards, has realized the world’s highest level of quality control.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

By linking the CAD/CAM system and NC machines directly, Chugoku Giko produces production tools including press dies, assembly jigs, and inspection tools. By utilizing a large size press and 5-axis laser-beam machines, etc., the company also produces automobile parts, assemblies, and even body shells.

Future Business Challenges
To continue joint development by introducing VE and VA, in order to meet the customers’ cost targets.
To achieve quicker delivery times by promoting elimination of finish processing of press dies for prototype vehicles.
To eliminate the stamping trial altogether by using accumulated data.
To propose prototype parts processing from the design stage by anticipating customers’ needs.
Future Technical Challenges
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Reduction of die costs by reducing the number of stamping processes.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Stamping/deep drawing of super heat resistant materials and special metals by 1500 t Hydroform press.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Simulation technology by Auto Form System for press forming.
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