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Kawada Corporation

Manufacturing Industry

Atsuo KAWADA (Mr.)
Year established
100,000,000 yen
13,000,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
2-8-11 Horikoshi, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Corporate picture
Company PR
Kawada Corporation is a manufacture of automotive parts mainly producing chassis and drive-lines perfectly observing international quality standard of TS16949 and environmental operation standard of ISO-14001. In the mean time, Kawada also delivers fully integrated product manufacturing from development and design to die design and casting, forging, machining and assembling.
Major Products
Automobile parts such as transmissions, underbody parts
Hot forgings
Major Customers
Mazda Motor Corp.
Ford Motor Company
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
JTEKT Corporation
NTN Corporation
NSK Ltd.
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.
Major Facilities/Equipment
Various types of machine < CNC lathe turning machine, CNC machining center, grinding machine, various
 specialized machine and etc. 700-PCS in total>
Forging machine, 10-PCS in total
 ・Forging press: 1600t 3-PCS, 2500T 4-PCS <2-PCS are transfer press of the machines>
 ・Continuo precision hot forging machine: 3-PCS (HATEBUR AMP50,70)
Heat treatment
 With thermal refining or with normalizing batch furnace, 300t of treatment /month is available.
Electrodeposition cation coating
 With 100% automatic electrodeposition cation coating appliance, 2,500t of coating/month is available
Technology Employed
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Internal design, development and making of forging die as well as in-house heat treatment and ED coating are successfully available
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Induction heating hardiness treatment with mobility shingle shot
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
In-house precision metal die making with electrode control processing or with electrical spark forming are available
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
300t of heat treatment /month is available with utilizing thermal refining or with normalizing batch furnace
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
It is possible for us to deal with a wide range of production from a multikind and small quantity production to a mass production line, utilizing about 700 machines that we possess, such as CNC lathe turning machines/machining and special purpose machines.
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Other holding facilities and equipments for testing are: torsion tester, tension tester, bending test, hardness scale, balance scale and adjustment, and various testing machines for quality assurance objective.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

To ensure high quality customer satisfaction, we fully utilize our integrated in-house production system, from development and designing of die and production system < raw material forging, heat treatment, ED coating,machining, and assembling > for realizing high quality with low cost product.

Future Business Challenges
Machining and assembling mechanical function parts in different area by effectively making use of the experiences and technologies of automotive parts producing
Expansion of forging business in the spirit of no constraint on its material or its figuration
Future Technical Challenges
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
To build up product development technology in order to make the response faster, flexibly, and more efficiently toward request from customers
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
To reinforce the construction of machining lines more flexible in order to comply with various products as well as swinging production volume
Transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
To upgrade efficiency of optimum design method of die as well as die making
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