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Kakusan Foods Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing Industry

Tetsuro NAKAMURA (Mr.)
Year established
67,500,000 yen
1,250,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
7-4-18 Shoko Center, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Corporate picture
Company PR
We have concentrated extracts of seafood (such as mussel, clam, scallop, and fish) with a focus on oyster extracts (hot-water extracted type and enzyme-decomposed type) and offer new tastes to make a variety of food delicious through production of liquid seasonings (e.g. seafood extract, soup, and dipping or basting sauce). Our motto is to produce products that satisfy our customers, especially healthy tasty food. Although it is needless to say that we honestly produce products thinking about customers, we keep the same attitude until the products are delivered to customers. We have the largest market share in oyster extract related product in Japan.
Major Products
Oyster extracts (oyster juice and oyster extract)
Fish and shellfish extracts (blue mussel, Shortneck clams, fish, and scallops)
Soups (ramen, udon, and oden)
Sauces/gravies [for mozuku seaweed, chili sauce, gyoza (chinese stuffed dumpling), etc.]
Soups (soba soup, noodle soup, udon soup)
Major Customers
Seasoning manufacturing companies
Major Facilities/Equipment
Blending pot 11
 1500 L (5 units),1200 L (1 unit),1000 L (1 units),800 L (1 units),600 L (1 units),300 L (1 units),150 L (1 units)
One-to (18 L) container cooling system 1
 Liquid that is at least 90°C when filled in a one-to (18 L) container can be cooled to 40°C in 5 minutes.
Desalinization system 1 and a set of membrane separation device
 High-salinity extract is desalinized using an ion exchange membrane.
Plate-type sterilization device 1
 Sterilization at 127°C for 20-40 seconds to destroy heat-resistant bacteria
High-speed filler for separated soup bag 4
 Four machines fill liquid into sachets at 18 m/min.
 Other: set of decompression concentrating device
Vacuum concentration apparatus 2
Heating/cooling homogenizer 1, Filter press 1
Technology Employed
Food manufacturing industry
Special-order blends of soups and sauces for products of side-dish manufacturers
Food manufacturing industry
Sensor control of optimal temperature for manufacture of liquid products
Food manufacturing industry
Quickly cools liquid products to their safekeeping temperature.
Food manufacturing industry
Effects enzyme decomposition and fermentation of oysters and fish, etc. through protein-decomposing enzymes and self-digestion.
Food manufacturing industry
Desalinizes high-salinity extracts and boosts the unique taste of extracts.
Food manufacturing industry
Use the sharples and disk centrifuges to separate liquid from solid.
Food manufacturing industry
Divides into liquids and solids via shear-press centrifuge.
Food manufacturing industry
Plate-type sterilization device provides short-time high-temperature sterilization and cooling.
Food manufacturing industry
Separate necessary substances with the membrane separation device.
Food manufacturing industry
Concentrate extract according to its caracteristics.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

As a food manufacturer, we perform quality control at each process from raw material through finished product to produce safe products with stable quality. We take every possible measure especially regarding the bacteria test of products, testing every lot before shipment. We also produce soups, basting sauces, and dipping sources from blending of ingredients to OEM production on behalf of our customers.

Future Technical Challenges
Food manufacturing industry
Kakusan hopes to further expand its current range of activities and to increase the number of raw materials.
Food manufacturing industry
Separation and concentration using membrane filtering.
Food manufacturing industry
Powderization and granulation of seafood extract
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