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Nishiki-Do Co., Ltd.


Hirokuni OTANI (Mr.)
Year established
10,000,000 yen
3,500,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
1-13-23, Hikari-machi, Higashi-ku,
Company PR
Momiji-manju, Hiroshima's famous traditional confection, is pleased by everyone for a simple taste. Our company always worked on the development of a new product and a new technology since establishement. Hiroshima's new famous confection, Nama-momiji (pastry type of momiji-manju) was created in full scale by Nishiki-do technical experts team. It keeps for a long time even though it is a pastry, and you are able to eat deliciously indefinitely. Seto-Komachi (famous confection which used Hassaku citrus) is new product which was jointly developed with Hiroshima University.

The characteristic of Momiji-manju, Hiroshima's famous confection, is strained sweet red beans, made from red beans from Hokkaido and damp sponge cake skin

New Hiroshima confection "Nama-momiji" is made by the manufacturing method of the pastry. It is moist for a long time by a special manufacturing method.

Major Products
Momiji-manju, a Hiroshima favorite
Assorted Momiji-manju, Nishiki Momiji (six assorted Momiji-manju)
New Heike-monogatari, a favorite confectionery
The new confection from Hiroshima, "Nama-momiji (pastry type of Momiji-manju)".
Hassaku citrus confection "Seto-Komachi".
Major Customers
Japan Railway Service Net Hiroshima (Formerly Kiosk)
Many well-known department stores
Hiroshima Airport
Hiroshima Bus Center
Chugoku-Sanyo Expressway SA
Major Facilities/Equipment
Momiji-manju baking machine 24
 Fully automatic, gas-type
Small-cake baking machine 1
Automatic packaging machine 6
Bean-jam-making machine 6
Bean-jam-kneading machine 20
 Steam-kneading machine
Technology Employed
Food manufacturing industry
Actively engages in the making of various well-known confectioneries, starting with momiji-manju, a Hiroshima favorite.
Food manufacturing industry
Produces top-quality bean jam from top-quality ingredients, using carefully selected Hokkaido-adzuki red beans and good-quality groundwater.
Food manufacturing industry
Makes different Japanese-style cakes by hand each month according to the season.
Food manufacturing industry
Produces new and creative sweets according to the desires of customers. Feel free to ask for your favorite.
Food manufacturing industry
Delivers even perishable Japanese-style cakes nationwide, utilizing instantaneous refrigeration techniques.
Food manufacturing industry
Maintains good sanitation by utilizing the latest air-conditioning equipment, including clean rooms and air showers.
Food manufacturing industry
Equipped with a biological water treatment system to protect our beautiful natural environment.
Food manufacturing industry
Momiji-manju production line is completely automatic.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Can now produce eight types of momiji-manju, thanks to production technology for form-baked bean-jam buns, such as gas-type baking machines for products such as momiji-manju and Yakimochi Sakura-chan. Also actively engaged in the development of other new and creative sweets.

Future Business Challenges
Development of new products according to the needs of the current period
Plant sanitation management (such as HACCP)
Active engagement in environmental protection
Future Technical Challenges
Food manufacturing industry
New product development
Food manufacturing industry
Internet-associated service industry
Internet-related activities, home page construction, virtual store, and customer information management
Information service industry
Total system management, from manufacturing to sales promotion
Information service industry
Total system management, from manufacturing to sales promotion

Recipe patents, packaging patents, registered trademarks, etc.

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