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Tokiwa Co., Ltd.


Takeaki ARAKI (Mr.)
Year established
3,000,000 yen
50,000,000 yen
15(The soon number of employees about
design : 2)
Postal (zip) code
Company address
1st Floor West, Araki Bld. 3-40-17
Kuchita-Minami, Asakita-Ku, Hiroshima, Japan

Feel free to ask about any of our Japanese paintings,
lacquer paintings, Buddhist paintings, sales promotion publicity poster planning, much attractive design exclusive for a customer in a type of business, or inventions.
Contact our representative, Shuho Araki. Photo updated in September 2008.

Company PR
Japan was called "Lacquer ware" in foreign countries in old times, and there was the age that Makie (lacquer decoration sprinkled with metal powder) had especially high scarcity value and was paid high taxes. The lacquering sects handed down from old are Koami and Igarashi sects, and the person is the technical tradition of both sects. He covers everything in embossed gilt lacquering lacquer technology. He is one of the best engineers for lacquering in Japan, and he is Japanese-style painter. He is one of the best cultural heritage coloring painter in the west of Kansai region. Workmanship of the work is wonderful and highly evaluated. He designed the stereography of the Japanese style painting; his picture such as Mt. Fuji with power is popular. The invention grand prize is given among nearly 50 inventions which include the medical treatment tool, one wins the noteworthy invention selection certificate from Science and Technology Agency and it is recognized as an inventor by the country. Peculiar designs with handwriting characters and pictures have preeminent ability to pull in more customers and there are results. Now, it is busy with production of the article thing that remains in future generations. Gorgeous works such as PC, musical instruments, and the adornment pens are being produced now.

This product is Mt. Fuji painted by his technique in which the stereography is applied to Japanese paintings. Even when viewed from a distance, it appears stereoscopically. (900 x 1800)

This product is a carven and polished “Takamori-type” lacquer with inlay of flower/bird design, which is the decoration on a note-type personal computer. Instruments and any other objects can be decorated by lacquer painting.

Design Field

Crafts design
Interior design

Award History
1984 Received a testimonial from the mayor of Hiroshima, Toranosuke Takeshita
1990 Received a testimonial from the mayor of Okimi, Saiki county
1994 Received the Fukuda Special Award for Inventions sponsored by the Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper and the Japanese Association for Promotion of Inventions
1996 Received the Notable Invention Award from the director of the Science and Technology Agency
Shuho ARAKI(Mr.)
Association Membership (title)

Affiliated as an artist with the Hiroshima Art Society, of the Japan Federation of Artists and CalligraphersShuho ARAKI(Mr.)

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