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MC Design, Ltd.

Design office

Masami MIYATA (Mr.)
Year established
Postal (zip) code
Company address
Nishi-Kannon, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Corporate picture
Company PR
Duties: Graphic design office, Production / sales of design material
Taking advantage of years of experience in graphic design, we create and sell collection of design materials, PC software "FONT", and collection of illustrations and design elements for graphic designers. We are currently expanding our sales in Japan through the Internet, printing equipment suppliers, and PC media mail order companies.
and delivering a message "Creative supporter · Digigra material", We continue our efforts to provide products that are appreciated by people involved in design.
★ 73 titles are on sale as of August 2016.
▼A purveyor to designers・Online design materials shop ▼
Picture 1

Material collection that designers use · Digigra Kobo Website, in which the contents of all the material collection on sale are explained in detail.

Picture 2

Design templates: Parts elements for background patterns, ruffled borders, pictorial symbols. FONTs for background patterns, ruffled borders, marks.

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Illustration templates: A variety of illustrations are available, ranging from pictorial typographies to silhouettes, wood-block print/paper cutout styles, etc.

Picture 4

Package image of DIGIGRA PICTURE series

Picture 5

Package image of MC DIGITALFONT series

Picture 6

Package image of Digigra Picture EP series

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Major Products
DIGIGRA PICTURE collection series
Digigra Picture EP collection series
Design Field

Graphic design
Package design
Multimedia design
Other design

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