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Aratani Co., Ltd.

Wholesale Industry

Kimie ARATANI (Ms.)
Year established
10,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
1-6-46 Shoko center, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Corporate picture


Company PR
We are Aratani Co.,Ltd that deals in dry ice (carbon dioxide), food additives and health food, etc.
We celebrated our 120th anniversary in 2014. Currently, the number of the products that we handle has been increased to several hundreds kinds. we are proud to say that we have always selected and provided the products from the viewpoint of consumers.
We would like to continue to provide only high-quality products, listening to our customers, and also work on developing the liquor sales division and a wild animal-trapping device to satisfy our customers. Without a trusting relationship with our customers, we couldn't have had a long history of 120 years. We have been with our cutomers for a century. We will continue to walk with you without forgetting the importance of that.

[Dry ice] It is mainly for food refrigeration, transportation, industrial use, medical use, and performance.


[Healthy food] We handle a number of health food as a general agency of Chlorella industry Co.,Ltd that is familiar with health food.


[Bebe 54 type-B wild animal trap] We sell it as prevention of damage by harmful birds and animals for use in municipalities.


[Aki Jerusalem artichoke shochu "Pindon"] It is unusually made from Jerusalem artichoke that is called natural insulinthe, and Hiroshima-first product !


[Authentic chestnut shochu "RURUDOSHIN"] It is a little bit different chestnut shochu using plenty of chestnuts from Kumamoto and extract of chlorella !


[Authentic sweet potate shochu "Raten"] It is a impactful shochu that has a wide range of fans from Okonomiyaki shops to live Houses !

Major Items
Dry ice, Liquefied carbon dioxide
Flavorings, fruit juices, food additives, liquid sugar, glucose, food industrial detergent
Health food (Chlorellamin, etc.), Raw chlorella for fisheries
Liquor (Authentic shochu, etc.)
Wild animal trap
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

We sell authentic shochus sticking to raw materials including authentic shochu "PINDON" made from [Jerusalem artichoke] that is called natural insulin for the first time in Hiroshima.

Serious damages to the crops by harmful birds and animals continue to spread across the country. We sell various traps.

Aratani will Keep going forward with gratitude toward our customers.

Future Business Challenges
Sales Expansion of selected shochus
Measures for harmful birds and animals (small trap)
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