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Sanko Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing Industry

Hirotaka MIYAKE (Mr.)
Year established
36 million yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
3-3-3 Ote machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi
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Company PR
Since our establishment half a century ago, we have been working under the motto of “helping our customers to create a comfortable environment” to provide major buildings and factories in Hiroshima and other areas with combined systems including Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and other products. The Building Systems Division provides high-speed elevators, and the Air Cooling and Housing Division covers energy-saving air conditioning equipment and earth-conscious solar power generation equipment. Moreover, we provide products to improve the quality of your “residential and living environment” ,such as security related products - monitoring cameras and entry/exit gate security systems, etc. -in the Information Communication System Division , and products that make "working environment" of the factory more comfortable, such as Mitsubishi sequencer, servo motor, industrial robot, inverter, and distribution equipmen in the Mechanical and Electrical Service Division.
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Mitsubishi PLCs have been well received by a large number of companies.

Picture 2

We have delivered elevating machines to various buildings, apartments, hospitals, etc. in Hiroshima prefecture.

Picture 3

It is also possible to replace the old analog monitoring camera with a digital one as it is !

Picture 4

We provide the best air conditioning equipment to use in the space.

Picture 5

The demand for security cameras is getting bigger and bigger.

Picture 6

Inquiries for robots are increasing due to the decline in the labor force population.

Picture 7

We also deal with ozonizers to treat sewage by ozone.

Major Items
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation FA products (PLCs, inverters, servo motors, and robot)
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation electric power distribution devices (earth leakage circuit breakers, energy saving support equipment)
Air conditioning equipment (air conditioner, ventilation fan, Eco Cute, solar power generation facility)
Elevating machines (elevators, escalators)
Security related products (monitoring cameras and entry/exit gate security systems)
Water treatment (ozonizer)
Major Customers
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Mitsubishi Electric Living Environment Systems Corpration
Mitsubishi Electric Building Techno-Service Co.,Ltd
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

It has been roughly half a century as a general agency for Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. We have been involved with supplying facilities to major buildings throughout Hiroshima Prefecture. We will continue to do our best by taking advantage of our dependable technical skills in order to contribute to the safety and comfort of your lifestyle!

Future Business Challenges
"Mitsubishi FA equipment" to support manufacturing by "visualization" at production sites
"Ozonizer" which performs water treatment by ozone
“Security related products” such as monitoring cameras and entry/exit gate security systems which provide you with extra safety

We welcome your inquiries. Please feel free to contact us at the above email address.

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