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Sankyu Shokai Co., Ltd.


Akira KONO (Mr.)
Year established
17,000,000 yen
300,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
5-12-24 Shoko (Commerce) Center, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi


Company PR
Founded in May 1950, currently located in the Shoko (Commerce) Center in Nishi Ku, in a property acquired by our company, we are a community-based business centered on Hiroshima. Our commercial domain extends across western Hiroshima Prefecture, eastern Yamaguchi Prefecture, and part of Shimane Prefecture. Our strength is in our network of clients from a variety of fields, including locally based supermarkets, stores, drugstores, agricultural cooperatives, medical centers, business establishments, and companies in the same profession. Our products include miscellaneous daily necessities and household products, and items suitable for gifts or giveaways. In order to meet our customers’ needs as far as possible, we communicate directly with manufacturers such as Lion or Kao Corporation, and having received stock, basically we take charge of the delivery ourselves. Also, in 2009, we started our own web site and made our products available to general consumers; in this field we are achieving steady results.

Laundry and related products are on display, but can be taken down from the shelf at your request.

Household cleaning detergents and related products are on display, but can be taken down from the shelf at your request.

Major Items
Paper pulp products such as tissues and toilet paper
Detergents for clothing, dishes or household cleaning
Air fresheners with a fragrance, for use in the home or toilet
Toothbrushes, toothpaste and other toiletries
Shampoo, conditioner, body soap and other bathroom toiletries
Major Customers
JA Hiroshima Agricultural Cooperative
Hiroshima Prison
Hiroshima University Hospital
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Our main lineup of products is centered on miscellaneous daily necessities and household products, but we stock and sell various products from different regional suppliers. We have a proven track record as a responsive and convenient wholesaler.

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