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Soei Co., Ltd.

Wholesale Industry

Setsuo YAMADA (Mr.)
Year established
16 million yen
400 million yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
2-13 Nishi-kawaguchi-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
Soei Co., Ltd is a company that continues to aim for new values and ways to contribute to society.
In order to keep providing our customers with beneficial products and services, we believe that it is important to build mutual relationships with manufacturers. We respect individuality and create free-spirited company atmosphere.
If our customers are satisfied, we are satisfied, and to meet this goal we will continue to develop human resources with vitality and potential.
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Industrial valves and control valves for factory use and piping material Many other types of piping material for factory operation

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Industrial equipment such as various types of pumps, tanks Mechatronics devices such as pneumatic and vacuum devices, transmission devices, various kinds of seal materials

Major Items
Piping material - various kinds of joints and industrial valves
Industrial equipment - rotating equipment, heat-related equipment, tank, etc.
Mechatronics devices - pneumatic and vacuum devices, transmission devices, and various kinds of seal materials
Secondary processing - application of various types of lining or coating
Other - environmental equipment, measuring and testing equipment with calibration
Major Customers
Petroleum refineries and petrochemical plants
Machine manufacturers
Plant manufacturers
Electrical power companies
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

We sell piping materials and industrial equipment to large industrial manufacturers. We mainly conduct business through proposals, and by responding to clients' needs by cooperating with various manufacturers. We aim to be a trusted company that provides a high level of satisfaction to clients and suppliers alike.

Future Business Challenges
Food product industry
Affiliation with small and medium sized enterprises, with the goal of mutual growth
Our aim is to be a trading company that functions like a manufacturing company, with the capability to develop new products that may be needed for the wholesale business.
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