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Takatiho Kanamono Co. Ltd.

Manufacturing Industry

Masatsuna KIMURA (Mr.)
Year established
40 million yen
700 million yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
4-3-20 Shoko (Commerce) Center, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi
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Company PR

Our mission statement is “comfortable people-friendly housing”.
As a pioneer in house-related equipment and materials, we propose products and plans that are suitable for each customer among many products. We provide useful products for customers speedily and accurately, and perform installation works precisely.

Picture 1

It is a case for installation of car port of LIXIL Corporation. This product keeps your car clean and has a good reputation.

Picture 2

An example of construction for a parking area at the branch of a major bank. This enables the customers to safely do business at the bank.

Major Items
Wholesaling and installation of exterior goods.
(Storeroom, doorplate, handrails, garden room, shutter, etc.)
Wholesale of hardware for construction materials, and carpenter's tools
Construction work (metal work)
Various storage shed and other residential trash bins
Major Customers
Kosei Kensetsu Co., Ltd.
Sekiwa Kensetsu Hiroshima Co., Ltd.
Shoda Construction Co., Ltd.
Kawasaki Group Co., Ltd.
Nagaoka Trading Co. Ltd.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Our company's exterior materials are a popular choice for parking areas for banks or schools. In the construction field, we have experience in many metal construction projects such as old people's homes and fire station buildings. We have been pioneers in both of these fields for 69 years.

Future Business Challenges
We are continuing to gain experience in performing housing alterations or extensions that focus on barrier free designs; it is an area that we would like to expand. Through our partner affiliation with a leading manufacturer of barrier free materials, Mazroc Co., Ltd., we intend to pursue this area, in which there is sure to be increasing demand in future.
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