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Office ABE Corporation

Infomation-communication Industry

Shoichi ABE (Mr.)
Year established
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Company address
801Ote-machi 1ban bldg., 1-1-26, Ote-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi
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Company PR
★★★ Office ABE is a commercial facility consultant to help commercial facilities to find the means of survival based on knowledge, experiences from various aspects and accumulated know-how, emphasizing "Difference between people and goods", "putting the best time to the moment "★★★
Based in the city center until now, we have reformed various disadvantages, troubles and unidentified low degree of completion resulting from each industry-specific "assumption and habituation " through the harsh eyes and unique planning approach for various commercial facilities accross the country including shops and condominiums. Our style is to prioritize a little ingenuity over a bold way of display.
Our harsh view of geographical conditions, spatial design, planning management and event support has been evaluated.

We also have RAINBOW PLANNING office as a power spot which doubles as a a familiar therapy house, having a vision of what a person should be regardless of age, occupations, social position, individual or enterprise. Enhancing "clothing, food, housing, and playng ", we provide " Mental health chekup " and " Listening To Your Complaints/Listen To Me Service ". We have provided a variety of advices for those who suffer alone, don't know who should talk to or suffer power/sexual harassment regardless of individual or enterprise customer.


Suggestions from the visible side, not the side to show,


Registered certifying company for Work and family-lifebalance support and working women support projects by Hiroshima Prefecture


Overcoming stress and addiction from the perspective of self-acceptance


Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry Member


Psychological counselor approved byJapan Counseling Association
Space display designer approved byJapan Design Planners Association
Life environment adviser approved byJapan Design Planners Association
Land building adviser approved by JAPAN Design Planner Association
Undercover surveyor approved by Certification Board for undercover surveyor
A responsible person for dispatching undertakings

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