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Howday Okita Co., Ltd.


Hiroshi OKITA (Mr.)
Year established
3,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
1-24 Kanon-machi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi


Company PR
We produce the following products, centered around photographic technology.
1. Photography: Studio photography, location photography
2. Digital album creation (event records, bridal albums)
3. Web service: Domain acquisition, homepage creation
Major Products
Photo records for event monitoring (conferences, parties)
Commercial photographs for printed materials, explanatory photographs for internet HP
Architectural photographs, project completion photographs
Photo panels for displays, slides for presentations
Rental servers (homepage and website construction)
Major Customers
Advertising agencies, hospitals, clinics, schools
Design offices, printing companies
Display companies
Photo laboratories, photo studios
Internet service providers
Major Facilities/Equipment
Photo studio
 Large-size 2400-W strobes (3)
 4 x 5 cameras (3), small and mid-size cameras (10)
Image processing equipment 9
 6 Macintosh units, 3 Windows unit High-resolution CCD scanner (4 x 5-35)
Digital printer 2
 Large-size inkjet printer for sizes up to 90 cm x 20 m Printing pictography from A3-size to postcard-size
Film recorder 1
 Capable of color positive output to sizes of 35 mm to 4 x 5 Resolution 2000 - 4000
Network devices 17
 7 company servers (Unix)
 10 servers for rental (Unix)
Technology Employed
Internet-associated service industry
Planning proposals for printing materials using DTP applications (Internet linkage is also possible.)
Internet-associated service industry
Creation of display photo panels, outdoor banner advertisements, and signs using our large-size inkjet printer
Internet-associated service industry
Shopping cart program development and site construction for internet shopping
Internet-associated service industry
Construction of file server systems which use company LAN (Internet linkage is also possible.)
Internet-associated service industry
Special photo composition and retouching using PhotoShop
Internet-associated service industry
Modeling and various simulations (shading) using 3D CG applications
Internet-associated service industry
Rental servers and hosting (General Type 2 Telecommunications Carrier Notification F-13-429)
Internet-associated service industry
Creation of QuickTime VR contents for homepages, which generates a 360° view that is controlled with the mouse
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Our company features integrated management from photography to server construction, allowing us to quickly update sites and upgrade programs. In addition, by creating a database of the generated data, it is possible to easily and inexpensively utilize the data for secondary use with other media.

Future Business Challenges
Development of internal security systems using applied server management systems
Future Technical Challenges
Internet-associated service industry
Security systems using the internet; various sensors

“Net Pamphlet” rental server trademark registered (Sept. 8, 2000)
●“e-Post” electronic letterbox trademark registered (December 9, 2005)
●“Mail Tenso-kun” disposable email addresses

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