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Atelier Chi no Takumi, Ltd.

Infomation-communication Industry

Katsumi Sasaki
Year established
Postal (zip) code
Company address
4-32-12 Kannondai, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
We established in 2001, and have been developing security utilized applications which were researched in Hiroshima City University. The system to support from the system development to the server maintenance overall is taken.
Currently, we are focusing on hosting service, cloud service, and IT related education.
Software development is centered on web applications.We also develop the server construction, the server maintenance, and the hosting service, etc.
We provide cloud service such as file temporary keeping service.
Major development case and business case
  ・Personal authentication system, custom-made type E-commerce system, virtual shopping mall, CMS, business management system etc.
  ・Location information system using IC tag, location information system that doesn't use GPS, programming course etc.
Major Products
Hosting service
System Development
Programming workshop
File temporary keeping service
IT Consultant
Web site creation
Major Facilities/Equipment
Servers 14
 Hosting server (Linux based OS)
 Server for cloud service
 Development server (windows based and Linux based systems)
PC 7
 PC for design development, development Client PC
 PC for system testing (Windows OS, MacOSX)
Technology Employed
Internet-associated service industry
Demand generation forecast system, demand generation forecast device and demand generation forecast method
Patent Publication No. 2010-39833
Internet-associated service industry
Encryption method, electronic application system, and key set generation device
Patent Publication No. 2009-17437
Internet-associated service industry
Position detecting device capable of obtaining accurate positioning results
Patent Publication No. 2008-232687
Internet-associated service industry
Method of data management, the system, and IC storage medium
Patent Publication No. 2004-295176
Internet-associated service industry
Management method and its system
Patent Publication No. 2004-96522
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

We have focused on hosting services and maintenance management for servers. Also,we can develop a consistent system from server construction to maintenance including Web application development.
Server construction, web application development, IT related workshops, etc.

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