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Moriya Engineer’s Office


Kazunori MORIYA (Mr.)
Year established
3,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
4-6-101 Kairouyama-cho Saeki-ku,


Company PR
Moriya Engineer’s Office is an electrical and telecommunications consultancy (designs, calculations, construction management, facilities management, and energy conservation) which primarily serves government agencies. Our certified personnel (including professional engineers, first-class electrical construction management engineers, chief telecommunications engineers, chief electrical engineers, first-class terrestrial radio operator, first-class cable television engineers, qualified persons for electricity management, building engineers, electric work specialists, etc) have been highly evaluated and are expert in a broad range of electrical and telecommunications technologies. Our office is a group of engineers, and the sensitivities, experience, and adaptability of each are among our greatest assets. Sharing and combining the abilities of our individual members allows us to generate a new level of value and provide the highest quality of services to our customers.
Major Products
Electrical and telecommunications consultants (designs, calculations, management)
Electrical facilities consultants
Occupational safety consultants (workshop on skills, extra education)
Social and labor insurance consultants
Major Customers
Government agencies
Major Facilities/Equipment
OCR tester 1
DGR tester 1
Leak printer 1
Constant monitoring and notification systems 20
 Mobile Arc, DoPa
PCs 4
Technology Employed
Information service industry
System design of electrical and telecommunications facilities for government agencies
Information service industry
Radio communications process technology for government agencies
Information service industry
Cable communications process technology for government agencies
Information service industry
Electrical and telecommunications facilities management technology for government agencies
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

An office of engineers (electric and electronic sectors) engaged primarily in consulting (including designs, calculations, construction management, and facilities management) concerning electrical and telecommunications facilities for government agencies

Future Business Challenges
Radio communications management technology
Cable communications management technology
Electrical facilities management technology
Solar power generation system technology
Co-generation (thermal electrical power generation) system technology
Future Technical Challenges
Information service industry
Radio communications management technology
IInformation service industry
Cable communications management technology
IInformation service industry
Environmental management (air and water quality, noise, vibration)
IInformation service industry
Energy management (electrical and thermal)
IInformation service industry
Security management

Member of the Institution of Professional Engineers, Japan (Professional Engineer)
Member of Japan Association of Safety and Health Consultants (Industrial Safety Consultant)
Member of Hiroshima Prefecture Certified Social Insurance Labor Consultant Association (Certified social insurance labor consultant)
Member of Hiroshima SR Labor Management Center
Member of Association of Electricity and Telecommunication Engineering for Land and Infrastructure
Instructor of Labor Standard Association Union Hiroshima
Instructor of Hiroshima Central Labor Standard Association

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