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Mighty Net Co., Ltd.


Yasuro WATANABE (Mr.)
Year established
20,000,000 yen
2,685,815,000 yen (period of March)
Postal (zip) code
Company address

Hiroshima Mixis Bldg. 3F/4F,
1-21-35 Kusatsushin-machi, Nishi-ku,
082-501-0350 (main)


Company PR
Our company has over 600 customers around the local. We provide the information system of plan, development, operation, and maintenance in one-stop by dispatching IT engineer for system development and operation, and providing application service (SaaS) using IDC (Internet data center).
In the recent situation, we have offered the service that processes the business data such as order for commodity, stocking, stock control, claim and payment, etc to local businesses using "Cloud" which provides services via Internet and "Ruby" which is the development language from the Chugoku region.
In the future, we will expand the service by taking advantage of productive "Ruby" and "Cloud" will be promoted to leading service.

We carefully guard your information assets under strict security control in IDC (Internet Data Center) for 24 Hours, 365 Days.

Major Products
Housing/hosting service
Application service(SaaS, ASP)
OrionOne (sales management, personnel/wages management, financial accounting), service such as security measures
Process outsourcing service
Data entry/creation, consigned computing, document printing/packaging, sealing/delivery
System construction, consigned system development, network construction
Personnel dispatch service of IT engineers, sales of package software and IT-related equipment
Major Customers
Hiroshima Bank and subsidiaries/related companies
Local public entity of Hiroshima prefecture
Fujitsu, Hitachi, and other manufacturers
Major Facilities/Equipment
Internet data center facilities
General purpose computer equipment 1
 Fujitsu GS21
Unix server 2
 Hitachi EP8000
PC Servers Many
 Fujitsu various models
High speed scanner (OCR) 3
Technology Employed
Information service industry
We have developed numerous systems covering all services of local government. Consigned handling and self-installation are both possible.
Information service industry
We have successfully developed on-line systems for large-scale supermarkets with many stores, and for large-scale oil retailers.
Information service industry
We develop systems for firm banking among financial institutions, payment of accounts-receivable, and management of academic tuition payments.
Information service industry
We have had success in developing systems for ordinary businesses, financial institutions, and government agencies.
Information service industry
We have CAD development technology, and our company has successfully developed our own products and marketed them nationwide.
Information service industry
MCS, VC++, Unix
Information service industry
Information service industry
oracle MS-SQL Ruby .NET Java
Internet-associated service industry
Homepage, Web Applications
Internet-associated service industry
SaaS, ASP and application services
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Our IDC provides management services such as housing, hosting, application services and security monitoring.

Future Business Challenges
Full-scale rollout of commercial application development using Ruby
Future Technical Challenges
Internet-associated service industry
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