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Flup Co., Ltd.


Daijirou ABE (Mr.)
Year established
3,200,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
6-4-101 Tokaichi-machi, Nishi-ku,
Hiroshima City


Company PR
Flup offers web platform systems and sites services. The company name "Flup" is a combination of the words "flow" and "upgrade." We strive to give clients service to a level higher than they demand, thereby improving the "flow" and "upgrade" of services.

Brain Exercises: Memory 9 By using light and sound, you can test your memory. The more you answer, the more you have to remember.

Brain Exercises: Instant Memory A set of numbers will flash across the screen. Remember the order to advance to the next level.

Major Products
Brain Exercises: "Fill the number" A puzzle game that uses mathematical formulas.
Brain Exercises: "Memory 9" A memory game that uses light and sound.
Brain Exercises: "Instant Memory" Numbers flash across a screen in this memory game.
Brain Exercises: "Calculation 10" Add, subtract, multiply, and divide four numbers to get an answer of ten.
Site Package: Low cost website building for companies
Major Facilities/Equipment
Personal Computers 5
 For our company use
Servers 2
 For our company use
Technology Employed
Internet-associated service industry
Website package using CMS
Internet-associated service industry
Open Source website and EC website packages
Internet-associated service industry
Development of iPhone application
Internet-associated service industry
Building MySQL, PostgreSQL and other database
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Open source site building CMS development from scratch iPhone application development

Future Business Challenges
Creation of smartphone applications (aside from iPhone)
Partnerships with other companies for EC websites
Future Technical Challenges
Internet-associated service industry
Development of smartphone applications
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