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Hi-Elecom Co., Ltd.


Chief Executive Officer
Junji NAKADA (Mr.)
Year established
90,000,000 yen
6,800,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address

Hiroshima Mixis Bldg.


Company PR
Our company is always ahead of the times, and we believe that by using advanced technologies and an abundance of imaginative power we should determine the value of our business by providing our customers with the best service for various needs. Since our establishment in 1982, we have been pioneers in the industry starting with integrating computers and networks, and continuing business activities centering on software development. We have come to be highly valued from all quarters as a company that has cutting edge technological capabilities in the fields of information processing and networks. As we enter a new era, we aim to make use of web applications, network security, and mobile computing technology that center on e-business, to work on social issues in the environmental field, medical field, security or other fields, and to provide satisfying solutions as a general SI vendor.

Network camera system registered to docomo Prospart Program. Installation is easy and low-cost.

We have released a first new security system in the country that can even detect when smuggling a sheet of paper out of the room.

Major Products
Development of original package products
Software development
Provision of security solutions
System engineering service
Sales of computers and network devices
Major Customers
NTT and NTT affiliated companies
Hitachi Ltd., and affiliated companies
Government offices, schools, and hospitals
Private companies
Technology Employed
Information service industry
Introduction of a business application system centering on our original package
Information service industry
Development of a web application system using open source software
Information service industry
Construction of information network infrastructure, planning and introduction of security systems, operation support
Internet-associated service industry
Provision of ASP services such as remote device control, camera image storage, or operational supervision systems
Equipment and instrument wholesale industry
Sales of various brands and types of computer and network products
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

From drafting an information strategy to the design, construction, operation and maintenance of an information network system, we provide our customers with solutions that are one step ahead of their needs.

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