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Wing Co., Ltd.


Hiroshi ITO (Mr.)
Year established
Postal (zip) code
Company address
2157-1 Numata-cho Ozuka, Asaminami-ku,
Company PR
Our company started business 28 years ago, around the time when personal computers began to become popular, and with the belief that personal computers should be made use of widely as helpful tools, we steadily continued our business activities while developing systems. Our main activity is customized development, through which we can realize our customers’ needs, and it gives us great pleasure to be able to contribute to the efficiency and advancement of our customers’ business. We are constantly endeavoring to improve our technology and knowledge in both hardware and software and are also involved in the development of cutting-edge technology.
Exactly because we are involved in fields in which there is such drastically changing technological innovation, such as the internet, personal computers, and mobile phones, we are confident that we can rely on our company’s strength, which is based on fundamental technologies acquired through many years of technical experience.
Major Products
“Sky Eye”: a mobile phone-based location information service
“Pin Shirube”: a GIS that utilizes Google Maps
Major Facilities/Equipment
Personal Computers 15
 Windows Operating System
Technology Employed
Information service industry
We have extensive experience in developing systems for business purposes, using our database software, “Kiri”.
Internet-associated service industry
Development of systems through the application of Google Maps API
Internet-associated service industry
Application of the GPS function for mobile phones, and control technology for this purpose
Internet-associated service industry
A system that enables low-cost and large-scale address matching (converting addresses to latitude and longitude coordinates)
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

By making use of Maps provided by Google and their API, we are able to transform the high-cost and low-function GIS (Geographic Information System) into an accessible and useful service. We are accumulating business experience with these technologies and applications.

Future Technical Challenges
Internet-associated service industry
Development of services that are compatible with smart phones such as the iPhone
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