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TCC Inc.


Munetaka FUJII (Mr.)
Year established
50,000,000 yen
370,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address


Company PR
Although we are a small company, customers appreciate our specialized FA technology and we have developed more than 3,000 systems across Japan and overseas. We focus on developing our original package, while providing FA/control, production control, and quality control systems as well as other high-quality engineering services.
Major Products
Systems in the field of factory automation control
Systems in the field of production and quality management
Systems in the field of logistics
Field of microcomputer utilization
Major Customers
Konica Minolta Opto, Inc.
Bridgestone Corporation
Chiyoda Corporation
Toyota Motor Corporation
Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation
Major Facilities/Equipment
Server 1/each
 Mail/DNS Server・Proxy/Firewall Server・WWW Server
Server 4 in total
 Intranet Server File Server
PC 40
 WindowsNT, 2000, XP, 7
Printer 5
 Color and monochrome Lasershot printers
Technology Employed
Information service industry
Analyzes failures detected by inspection of various processes via on-site PC in product inspection department; draws up a summary report after data collection.
Information service industry
Controls and monitors a particular plant, selectively operated by a tube reactor in eleven different processes.
Information service industry
Product management customized according to operations through automatic warehouse control and inventory management
Information service industry
Logistics management system for production results, inventory management, and shipment management
Information service industry
Modeling power generating plant, can perform simulation with accuracy concerning process from start to stop and change of load, etc.
Information service industry
Acceptance, processing, and shipment process management on the processing line using wireless POT
Information service industry
System to detect errors during processing using the image processing system
Information service industry
Development of embedded software (e.g. for robot and cell phone)
Information service industry
Document management, Web site, intranet system development
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Systematization in the fields of factory automation control, production management, quality control, and multimedia-related activities. With system engineers and programmers experienced in the construction of more than 3,000 systems and introductions to more than 300 users, system construction is one of our company’s strengths.

Future Business Challenges
Systems in the field of factory automation.
Systems in the field of quality control.
Systems in the field of logistics.
Simulation applications.
Nursing care and welfare field
Future Technical Challenges
Information service industry
Home application technology.
Information service industry
To obtain culture/information service application technology.
Information service industry
To acquire manufacturing application technology.
Information service industry
Systematization of welfare-related technology.
Information service industry
To obtain technology for retail service application.
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