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GOWEB Co., Ltd.

Infomation-communication Industry

Hiroyuki HIDAKA (Mr.)
Year established
Postal (zip) code
Company address
3-7-22 Inokuchi Myojin, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi
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Company PR
We are the homepage production company in Hiroshima. We provide a total web system to please our customers such as planning and creation of homepage, rental server operation, construction of shopping site, homepage consulting, photographing / video shooting, SEO measures and so on.
Major Products
Homepage production
Homepage server operation
Network design · construction · operation · management
BCP mail (emergency contact system) ASP service
Production of homepage-related software
Sales, introduction and installation, and operation maintenance of servers and personal computers
Major Customers
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Chugoku Regional Development Bureau
National Institution For Youth Education
The Chugoku Electric Power Co.,Inc, The Chugoku Electric Power Group
Chugoku Economic Federation
Chuden Hospital
Hiroshima University
Hiroshima Association of Architectural Firms
Hiroshima Prefectural Board of Education
Hiroshima City Agriculture , Forestry and Fisheries Promotion Center
Technology Employed
Internet-associated service industry
Homepage production
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Homepage creation, homepage server operation, and any other matters related to homepage operation


Emergency contact system BCP mail

BCP Mail is an emergency contact system for small and medium enterprises, which was created based on the lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

It allows you to contact a plurality of employees at the same time, and to automatically gather information about employees in real time, such as being able to quickly confirm and gather information about safety unknown persons and those who can go to the office.

BCP Mail is an ASP service that firmly supports company management as an initial system in emergencies.

Emergency contact system BCP mail homepage http://bcpmail.net/

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