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Eishin Co.,Ltd. Itsukaichi Factory

Manufacturing Industry

Hiroaki OKAZAKI (Mr.)
Year established
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2-17-19 Toshimatsu,Saeki-ku, Hiroshima-shi
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Company PR
We are working on products mainly based on the four fields of "equipment related to powder technology", "equipment related to resin technology", "equipment related to liquid logistics (system)" and "equipment related to environmental problems"
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It removes metal foreign substances using a magnet. We design according to the application such as liquid, powder, high magnetic force, automatic type, etc.

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As it is a container detaching type mixer, cleaning time can be shortened. It can correspond widely to medicine, food, and chemistry.

Picture 3

It is a ball mill with automatic inclination to separate raw material and ball. It has been used successfully for water cooling type, alumina tension, medical specification etc.

Picture 4

It can be used in explosion-proof environment from research to production. Neodymium magnet is used, so long - distance stirring is possible.

Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Foreign substance removal device that removes metal foreign substances using a magnet, tumbler mixer that mixes powders or grains, ball mill that crushes raw materials with steel ball, explosion-proof type stirrer using air motor, are developed, designed and commercialized in-house. We correspond not only to standardized products but also to specifications according to your request.

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