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Interface Corporation

Manufacturing Industry

Takeshi KUNISHI (Mr.)
Year established
262 (Permanent employee 134)
Postal (zip) code
Company address
10-21 Kyobashimachi, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Corporate picture
Company PR
Our company started as a board maker for computer expansion buses, and now we have developed, manufactured and sold industrial computers by ourselves.
We develop industrial computers having excellent environment resistance as well as a long-term supply for 10 years, and we provide products having operating temperature range from minus 30 ° C to plus 70 ° C and corresponding to vibration resistance performance of 5 G and impact resistance performance of 100 G
So our computer is suitable for the IoT era because you do not have to be careful about an installation environment.
In addition, we develop OS and BIOS by ourselves. Especially for Linux, we provide real-time processing using multicore technology and development language that can be easily handled.
Picture 1

Energy-saving CD is an industrial computer that is small in size (postcard size) and excellent in power saving ・environmental resistance.

Picture 2

Long-term Safety FA controller is an industrial computer with an expansion slot.

Picture 3

SuperCD is a microcomputer (two business cards size) specialized for IoT.

Picture 4

The lineup of PCI series is over 350 types in total.

Major Products
Industrial computer
Industrial interface module (board)
The above accessories
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

We specialize in developing and manufacturing computer with excellent environment resistance from deep sea to space.
In particular, as we have 350 kinds of boards such as digital input / output and analog input / output for I / O function, we have many development know-how of computer with PC body and I / O function integrated.

Future Business Challenges
Measurement and control equipment for IoT
Development and manufacture of Computer
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