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Last updated : 04/01/2020

Daiwa Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

Yasuaki TANAKA (Mr.)
Year established
7,106,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
1-21-23 Kabe, Asakita-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR

Over a history of more than 170 years has contributed to society through our casting technologies. Hopes to devise and commercialize new products, utilizing our highly valued casting technologies and accumulated know-how.

Major Products
Peripheral machine tools equipment and cast parts of machines
Cast parts of diesel engines
Cast bathtubs finished with porcelain enamel
Manhole covers made of iron
Other cast products
Major Customers
Okuma Corp.
Mori Seiki Co., Ltd.
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
Takara Standard Co., Ltd.
Inax Corp.
Major Facilities/Equipment
Cast iron melting furnace 4
 High-frequency induction furnace: 25 t x 2, low-frequency electric furnace: 5 t x 2
Molding sand mixer 6
 20 t/h × 2, 10 t/h × 2, 5 t/h × 2
Crane 38
 50 t × 1, 30 t × 2, 25 t × 2, 15 t × 3, 10 t × 3, 5 t × 8, and others
Machining center 3
 Gate type (10 m [L] × 3.5 m [W] × 2.5 m [H]) × 1; Horizontal type (with 800 and 1000 pallets) × 2
Horizontal boring machine 4
 Floor type (17 m [L] × 5 m [H]) × 3; Planer type (6.5 m [L] × 2.2 m [H]) × 1
Technology Employed
Steel industry
Manufactures cast iron products such as cast parts of diesel engines, machine tools with the maximum weight of 40 tons, etc.
Steel industry
Designs, manufactures, and installs automatic pallet changers for machine tools.
Steel industry
Utilizing a large horizontal boring machine, can process and assemble cast diesel engine parts.
Steel industry
Being the only domestic manufacturer of cast iron bathtubs, finished with porcelain enamel, designed for direct burning, sells such bathtubs across Japan.
Steel industry
Manufactures and markets luxurious large-size cast iron bathtubs with porcelain enamel finish.
Steel industry
As the only manufacturer of Goemonburo (traditional Japanese bathtub made of thick iron, shaped like a large pan) in Japan, manufactures and sells these in large lots together with related products.
Steel industry
Produces and sells putters (DD putters) made of special cast iron.
Steel industry
Manufactures and sells urban landscaping products such as iron manhole covers and gratings.
Steel industry
Approved as on authorised factory by the Classification Society (of ships), etc., complying with various industrial standards including, JIS, NK, NV, LR, etc
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Based on highly advanced casting technologies and continuous machining and assembly production system, covers castings used in a wide range of industries. Castings useful in daily life, such as bathtubs and manhole covers; intends to produce such items and develop markets.

Future Business Challenges
Extend the business to casting for the industrial equipment excluding machine tools and diesel engines.
Extend the business to upstream/downstream of the conventional lines by anticipating customers’ needs.
Increase product lines and fields.
Future Technical Challenges
Steel industry
Reduce cost using the full-mold process method more effectively.
Steel industry
Provide highly-functional materials via extended use of casting insert technologies.
Steel industry
Continue development of new products featuring the characteristics of castings.
Steel industry
Enter new fields by taking advantages of the V-process and porcelain enamel finishing technologies.
Steel industry
Seed up NC programming for machining in small-lots.

Application for utility model rights on insert-related technology pending.

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