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Nabeya Seisakusho Ltd.


Akinobu NABEYA (Mr.)
Year established
10,000,000 yen
250,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
255-1 Kamifukawa-cho, Asakita-ku,
Company PR
Nabeya Seisakusho produces various products from wood, material which is particularly familiar to us. Specializing in custom and separate orders, we can satisfy all your demands. Eliminating anything that is unnecessary, we will deliver rationalized and highly functional products straight from our plant. We are working for material procurement, product processing, and delivery that incorporate environmental concerns, and are striving to be a company which can contribute to society.

To prepare for the introduction of the citizen judge system, courtroom desks for nine persons were installed in the courts around the country. Our company made and delivered several of these desks.

Accessory shop that is now very popular among young women. We participated in this shop from the planning stage as a member of the multi-store operation project.

each shop ANEMONE, SIENA

Major Products
Furniture and other wooden products for individual customers created as custom and separate orders
Various types of washstands, kitchen sinks, etc. for medical, welfare and senior citizens’ facilities
Various types of storage furniture and display shelves for collective housing (including condominiums)
Reception counters for financial institution, public facilities, etc
Interior finish work, various fixtures, display shelves, and showcases for shops
Major Customers
various goods dealers & companies
(store furnitures, fixtures related)
construction companies and related industries
interior construction-related companies
furniture & sign unit manufacturers
Major Facilities/Equipment
CNC router 1
 Table size: 1,300 × 2,500; 8-spindle control. All processes including boring, chamfering and compound curve machining.
Memory-type tenoner with built-in micro-computer 1
 Equipped with positioning device. Once previous machining data is stored, machining based on this data is available.
Edge bander (fully-automatic edge gluer) 1
 Capable of gluing tapes, melamine resin, solid materials board, etc. onto the butt ends, as well as end-cutting and trimming.
Boring machine for cases 1
 Machine to bore holes for wood dowels used for the assembly of panels. 21-spindle at 30 mm pitch.
CAD system 2
 Creates product drawings and machining data for CNC router. Software: JW-cad, Win-Quick Xp.
Technology Employed
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Know-how which enables our personnel to create products from a wide variety of materials and equipment, from concept and design right through to production.
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Creation of products according to knowledge gleaned from numerous previous design projects which have been stored as CAD data in our systems.
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Custom-made products created with state-of-the-art equipment in order to respond to increasingly diversified lifestyles.
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Using CNC router, drilling and point marking processing with high precision.
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Using CAD and CNC router, precision cutting of various template shapes and surface processing for molds with curved surface, etc.
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
High-precision milling using CNC router. Best suited for mirror frames, etc. in unconventional shapes. Single-lot orders.
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Even with custom-made products, standardization of projects is emphasized to achieve work load levelling.
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Through standardization of the work, establishment of work standards, and introduction of state-of-the-art equipment, improved uniformity and quality are ensured.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Major products of Nabeya Seisakusho are (custom-made) wooden items of furniture. Combining these with other companies’ products made from different materials (I.e. stainless steel, iron and resin products: artificial marble, FRP products, etc.), finished items are made. Kitchen sinks, wash stands, etc.

Future Business Challenges
Washstands, kitchen sinks, etc. with all necessary functions for medical and welfare facilities, etc.
Barrier-free storage shelves, washstands, kitchen sinks, etc. to be installed in health facilities for the elderly, etc.
Reception counters easy to work at and compatible with office automation functions for financial, medical, and public institutions.
Production and sale of furniture and various other goods for individual users, capitalizing on the benefits of wood as a material.
Reforming of furniture and wood products. Reviving cherished items and those of sentimental value.
Future Technical Challenges
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Procure various designs and materials (including those from abroad) and offer a wide variety of innovative products.
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Achieve rationalization and cost reduction of the manufacturing process by quantifying the processes and man-hours.
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