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Oue Furniture Ltd.


Masashi OUE (Mr.)
Year established
3,000,000 yen
50,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
1651-1 Oaza-tomo, Numata-cho,
Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
Through the manufacture of wood furniture, our company aims to be of service to the people of the world and strive continually for mutual happiness, and for this purpose we operate our business with the spirit of “always moving forward.”
In recent years, we have seen a diversification of customer needs for both ornamental furniture and furniture for practical use, and there have been large changes in both the design and utility of this furniture. In order to meet these diversifying needs, we accept full-service orders covering everything from design to production. We manufacture products for a broad range of fields, including compact and multi-functional furniture for nuclear families, furniture specifically designed for small spaces, and stately furniture overflowing with an elegant, high-class feel.
Do your tastes run to furniture and fittings with elegant curves? We have machinery that is capable of machining curves of any type, and can provide furniture that is one-of-a-kind in the world, with the originality that you are looking for.
Our company's motto is “Energy, Smiles, Appreciation.”

A counter machined in a curve by our NC router machine. Demand for this service is growing, as it can create all kinds of curves.

A special-order TV stand. The DVD player and other devices are stored beneath the TV, together with all kinds of discs. At bottom left is an okonomiyaki hot plate for home use, designed by our company.

Major Products
1. Household furniture: *fitted kitchen components
*display cabinets, sideboards
*space-saving storage components
2. Shop furniture: *various types of display shelving, showcases, etc.
*interior decoration and furnishing materials for shops
Major Facilities/Equipment
CAD/CAM system 1
 NEC personal computer using Synx software
NC router machine 1
 Synx-made with 1 horizontal spindle and 3 vertical spindles, and 1 boring head and table (1.3 × 2.2)
Panel saw 1
 3.3 m cutting available
Circular sawing machine 2
 1.2 m (D), fixed at a right angle with tilting shaft
Planer and automatic planer machine 2
 300 (W) and 500 (W)
Technology Employed
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
With CAD/CAM system, designs curved contour/form furniture.
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Using CAD/CAM system for programming, easily processes furniture with curved lines.
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Designs products depending on the application.
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Proposes designs fit for the time, place, and occasion.
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Designs products based on the materials to be used and the specifications of the finished products.
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Offers flash press technology and press-to-form plywood is available.
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Drills square, round, and different-shaped holes.
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Provides chamfering to both linear and curved edges.
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Provides bonding of surface panels to both linear and cured areas.
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Provides tenon and finger jointing.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Unrestricted design using a CAD/CAM system through an NC router; can process surfaces based on free curves. Capable of volume production of special shaped furniture and woodcrafts.

Future Technical Challenges
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Improve plywood forming technology for volume production.
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Improve existing surface process technology for better production output.
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Further strengthen the bonding technologies in relation to curved surfaces.
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