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Ohiro Tatami Ten. Ltd.


Kazuaki Ohiro (Mr.)
Year established
Postal (zip) code
Company address
1-4-38, Kogo-naka, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
Since our founding, we have worked to provide high quality and reasonable prices by combining our expert skills with the latest in machine technology, for tatami that is dependable and comfortable.
We will continue to create products which meet the needs of our customers, and introduce new ideas for tatami living, as a part of traditional Japanese culture.

Special-shape tatami,
using edgeless tatami (thin type) with Japanese paper covering

Ryukyu tatami with Shichito covering

Major Products
New tatami, new covering, tatami reversal
Ryukyu tatami, edgeless tatami (color tatami)
Tatami rugs (flooring tatami, unit tatami)
Major Facilities/Equipment
Twin Robo 21 (twin head fully automatic flat weaving machine) 1
 90 seconds/mat, compatible with 13 mm tatami
Twin Robo 100 (twin head fully automatic backstitching machine) 1
 60 seconds/mat, compatible with 13 mm tatami
GAP (dual shear machine with frame stitcher machine) 1
 300 seconds/mat, compatible with 13 mm tatami
PA (shear machine with frame stitcher) 1
 330 seconds/mat, compatible with 13 mm tatami
Super Reed 5B (dual-use machine) 1
 13 minutes/mat, compatible with 13 mm tatami
Technology Employed
Other manufacturing industry
The use of a twin head fully-automatic tatami weaving line allows low cost and rapid delivery.
Other manufacturing industry
Dual shear machines which are compatible with half-size mats, and weaving machines capable of ladder stitching, result in efficient production of high-quality edgeless tatami.
Other manufacturing industry
Lines which are compatible with 13 mm tatami allow efficient production of thin mats.
Other manufacturing industry
Our tatami craftsmen utilize the skills necessary to produce high-quality tatami.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

We utilize the newest production systems and expert skills to produce high-quality tatami. We can produce a broad range of tatami products, including Ryukyu tatami and thin tatami.

Future Business Challenges
We would like to provide new ideas for Japanese-style interiors, for example by incorporating new types of materials.
Future Technical Challenges
Other manufacturing industry
Development of tatami which use textiles as the tatami covering instead of rush reeds
Other manufacturing industry
Creation of wood frames for tatami rugs and other wood products for tatami
Other manufacturing industry
Training for methods of hand-stitching tatami, and transmission of tatami-making skills
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