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Matsubara Iron Works Co., Ltd.


Takayoshi MATSUBARA (Mr.)
Year established
6,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
12-3 Misasakita-machi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
Our company possesses the special technology for integrated production, including assembly, of auxiliary transmissions for special automotive use. We use NC machinery and other equipment for small-volume production of a variety of parts, responding to our customers’ needs for processing and grinding of precision parts.

Name : Normal rotation 3-axis transmission. From input axis, 2 output axis will rotate normal separated.

Name : 2 speed reversal rotation transmission, type Z. Slows down to 1:1 and 1/2, rotates forward-reversal. Able to customize to fasten up twice.

Name : Reversal rotation large 3-axis transmission. Input axis and output axis rotates forward, and other output axis rotates forward-reversal by 1:1

Major Products
Spline joints
Special automotive auxiliary transmissions
Major Customers
Toyo Commerce and Industry Co., Ltd.
Shin Meiwa Industry Co., Ltd.
Kyokuto Kaihatsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Myojo Motor Corp.
Miyaji Seiki Co., Ltd.
Major Facilities/Equipment
Machining center 2
 Vertical X 1020 Y 550 Horizontal X 1000 Y 500
NC lathe 2
 F300L700 M.Y spec.
NC rack milling machines 1
Vertical milling machine 2
 X 1187 Y 457 Z 667 X 770 Y 345 Z 500
5. Grinder 4
 Cylinder f200 L 1000 Flat X 1000 Y 500
Technology Employed
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
Dimensional tolerance is ±0.01 for steel, aluminum, casting, metal, brass, and surface-hardened parts.
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
Plates, bar materials, bearing holes, and small- and mid-sized parts are polished to a finish of ±0.01.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Because we manufacture our own products, we have the high-accuracy technology and equipment to provide short-term delivery for a wide variety of processing, including single-unit processing, small lots, and hardening and grinding.

Future Business Challenges
By making the fullest use of our equipment, we want to meet all kinds of demands, including processing of small precision parts and prototype parts.
We would like to make use of highly-adaptable processing to become involved in the field of easy-use dies.
Future Technical Challenges
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
We would like to be capable of meeting diversifying user needs, and make efficient use of it to our die and gear departments.
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
We intend to aim for a high level of mold processing.
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