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Nihon Kosen Co., Ltd.


Year established
20,000,000 yen
187,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
6-14-17 Midorii, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
It has long been said that vinegar and plums are good for one’s health. On the basis that the citric acid contained in these foodstuffs has beneficial effects on health, through joint efforts with the Iwakuni Research Institute of Nippon Paper Chemicals Industries Co., Ltd., Nihon Kosen developed a vinegar-based health drink, La Vamont, in 1981, which has been favorably received nationwide ever since it was launched. Nihon Kosen’s wish is the health of everyone in Japan.
Major Products
Health drink: Alkali low-calorie La Vamont
Health drink: Alkali low-calorie Plum La Vamont
Health drink: Alkali low-calorie Brown Rice Vinegar Vamont
Major Customers
Kisho Co., Ltd.
Kyushu Novel Co., Ltd.
I-LINKS Corporation
San Bian Co., Ltd.
Major Facilities/Equipment
Fully-automatic cartoning machine 1
 NP-750 EP-HS type, capacity: 1.8 L × 750/hour
Automatic packaging line 1
 FP-280 type, capacity: 10 - 40/min.
Pill pack filling machine 2
 Manufacturer: Tatsumi-Maiki, capacity: 1.8 L × 200 - 240/hour
Automatic sterilizing device 1
 Heat plate heat exchange type, capacity: 1.8 L × 1500/hour
Automatic bottling machine 1
Technology Employed
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
The product was planned capitalizing on the health food boom and on the basis that vinegar is good for one’s health. Containers: paper cartons, pill packs, and bottles.
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
While reducing sourness of citric acid, which is good for one’s health, nutrients and sweeteners have been added; the products have been prepared as low-calorie products.
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
The product can be preserved for a long time and is thus convenient, particularly as it does not take up much space in storage.
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
As it is concentrated, it does not take up much space in storage and consumers can dilute to increase the volume before serving.
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
After going through the automatic heat plate sterilizer, the product is sent to the automatic filling machine at 70 - 80°C.
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
From the fully-automatic filling machine, the product goes on to the automatic shrink wrapping machine.
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
At 1/5 concentration, the product can be preserved for a long time as the product is both high in acidity (PH) and sugar content.
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
Nihon Kosen carries out inspections in an in-house laboratory and also requests on external test laboratory to perform inspections at regular intervals. Inspections are carried out at the time of blending, sampling after filling, preservation, etc.
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
Temperature is controlled via a fully automatic line.
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
The product is prepared as a low-calorie drink with a taste similar to that of apple drink to soften the sourness of vinegar.
Future Business Challenges
Production of health beverages.
Future Technical Challenges
Drink/tobacco/feed manufacturing industry
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