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Toyo Denso Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing Industry

Hiroaki KUWABARA (Mr.)
Year established
10,150,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
4-22-25 Midorii, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Corporate picture
Company PR
Giving shape to "customers' thought". We are a manufacturing company that you can bring out your talent.

We are a manufacturing company to put the work flow from an idea to prototype and completion into "shape ".
Business can be broadly divided into three, "control panel business" , "social infrastructure network business" and "care welfare system business".
"Control panel business" is to manufacture control panels corresponding to the respective fields such as air conditioners/plants/publics from general shape to special shape.
"Social infrastructure network business" is to engage in business relating to various infrastructure development including construction of a stable and secure network and roadside information transmission equipment (emergency telephone on expressway) combining products specialized for outdoor environments, which is mainly wireless LAN for social infrastructure (4.9 Ghz / satellite line / outdoor optical network equipment).
"Care welfare system business" is to develop, propose and provide products and systems that aim to reduce the burden on caregivers in the field of nursing care, making full use of technological capabilities that we have cultivated up to now.
Picture 1

[New emergency telephone ERICE 〕 We put emergency telephone / IP node / information outlet into one unit.

Picture 2

[Schedule display system] The schedule written on a whiteboard was digitalized ! It is displayed on a large monitor after you type on a tablet.

Picture 3

[Smart communication system] Large monitor displays at the preventive measures office are switched ! The images are easily switched with a tablet.

Picture 4

[TRUNK R] Portable rain gauge! It can be easily installed with one trunk in emergencies ! It corresponds to two types of posts without a dedicated software!

Picture 5

[TRUNK C] Portable camera! It can be easily installed with one trunk ! It is easy installation and wiring without adjusting !

Picture 6

【New CS monitor】You can see the questionnaire results in real time. It is a device that you can listen to the voice of your important customer immediately.

Major Products
Automatic controls for air conditioning
Automatic controls for drainage/sewage water treatment systems
Automatic controls for water supply systems
Automatic demand supervisory controls
Control systems for various automatic machinery/systems
Roadside information transmission device (emergency telephone)
New CS Monitor (customer satisfaction monitoring device)
Schedule display system
TRUNK ONE R (portable rain gauge) TRUNK ONE C (portable camera)
Smart Communication System
Major Customers
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
YAMABIKO Corporation
Azbil Corporation
System-Keiso Co.,Ltd.
West Nippon Expressway Company Limited
Chiyoda Kosan Co., Ltd.
Major Facilities/Equipment
CAD system for design 12
Dielectric strength tester 1
Bar-bender 1
 Up to 6 mm (T), 50 mm (W). Copper and aluminum bus bar; angle 90 degrees. Output 13 t.
Hydraulic tools with detachable heads 1
 Output 27TON
Hydraulic crimping tool 1
 AC100V, 320W, 6.2A, 9500rpm
Technology Employed
Electric machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Assembly, wiring, and inspection of electrical units/components such as circuit breakers, based on the drawing/circuit diagram.
Electric machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Designing sequential controls for automatic control systems such as conveyor systems, using programmable controllers and personal computers.
Electric machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Inspection of control systems in the process stages/lines. Checking of finished products by two personnel upon completion of the control systems.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Integrated system : We provide products and services in an integrated system including design, manufacturing, quality control, receiving inspection, presence test and local trial operation adjustment.

Original design : We support from designing to product development based on unique ideas with technical capabilities and creativity to give shape to cutomers' thoughte.

Various quality controls : We can deal with a wide range of tests from withstand voltage test/ insulation resistance test to waterproof test/ dustproof test/ environmental resistance test.

We provide our original product multiplying the needs of cutomers by our own know-how such as designability, operability and functionality.

Future Technical Challenges
Electric machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Short-distance automatic remote control systems adapting radio systems.
Electric machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Development of long-distance remote control/monitoring systems using telephone lines.
Electric machinery/equipment manufacturing industry
Development of software for demand-type controllers.
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