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Higashihara Sangyo Co., Ltd.


Taizo FURUTA (Mr.)
Year established
30,000,000 yen
800,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
5-3 Kuchi, Asa-cho, Asakita-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
Our main strength is in integrated production of signboards and support columns. We can also perform a wide variety of other metal processes in small amounts. We have obtained ISO9001 certification, and can provide the total support required for our customers’ needs, from design and development, to manufacture, construct, and service. Production site is also located in Kyushu. We have also established Compass, a graphic display room at Seifu Shinto. With the introduction of a Scotch Print System and other equipment, we have improved our abilities in the areas of advertising, interior and exterior renovation, and outdoor signs. Our group companies are also located in Yamaguchi, Matsue, and Fukuoka.
Major Products
Road signs and road-condition devices
Outdoor advertising
Traffic safety facility work
General civil engineering work, sign work
Processed metal parts
Major Customers
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Commercial facilities
Advertising agency
FURU-KAWA Corporation
Sumitomo 3M
Major Facilities/Equipment
Cutting system 1
Vacuum bonding machine 5
 2.2 × 5.6 m 1.2 × 1.8 m×2 1.6 × 3.55 m 1.5 × 3.6 m
Press 5
 150t 75t 55t×2 30t
Welder 6
 Arc 300A 250A 130A Semi-automatic 350A × 3
Capacitor discharge spot welder 3
 7AS 6AS 5A
Technology Employed
Other manufacturing industry
We possess layout software and have much experience in design of signs and similar products.
Other manufacturing industry
We are capable of handling the base calculations and construction of support columns.
Other manufacturing industry
We possess 5 spot welders, and are capable of handling prototype parts. Put our company’s know-how to use.
Other manufacturing industry
With our 150-t to 30-t hydraulic presses, benders, and breaking presses, we are able to perform all kinds of processing.
Other manufacturing industry
We are capable of every step, from design to printing, cutting, and pasting. We can prepare materials for all kinds of uses.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

With digital printing and cutting, we can assist with design, planning, production, and application of advertisements, company or shop image improvements, renovations, facility information boards, and many other projects.

Future Business Challenges
Improve our communications function. Improve road-condition services for drivers and pedestrians.
Adapting high weather-resistance printing for marking on building walls, floors, and cars. Interior and exterior renovation using printing
Sign business for sightseeing and commercial facilities
Future Technical Challenges
Other manufacturing industry
Expand our CAD and image-processing software abilities

Together with the Chugoku Regional Development Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation, we have developed a fully-automatic 3-phase changeable sign, the Star Board. (Utility model registration No. 2144876.)         It can provide information about weather conditions, such as temperature and rainfall, to the driver, and can also serve as a telemeter.

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