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Chugoku Ryoko Co., Ltd.


Hiroshi ENDO (Mr.)
Year established
85,000,000 yen
1,322,460,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
2-22-66 Dejima, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
Chugoku Ryoko produces and sells Ready-mixed concrete at three plants: Hiroshima plant (Hiroshima City), Hofu plant (Hofu City of Yamaguchi prefecture), and Matsue plant (Matsue City of Shimane prefecture). With 6 senior engineers and 10 engineers, the company gives the highest priority to quality, and is capable of deliveries that meet customer needs. In particular, Chugoku Ryoko has been approved by the government for delivering the high-strength and high-performance mixed concrete that is required for projects such as the construction of tall buildings.
Major Products
Ready-mixed concrete
Soil Stabilizing Cement
Major Customers
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
Hiroshima Ready-mixed Concrete Cooperative
Central Yamaguchi Ready-mixed Concrete Cooperative
Matsue Ready-mixed Concrete Cooperative
Major Facilities/Equipment
Double-shaft power mixer 3
 3000 L (Hiroshima plant) 1500 L (Ryoko Tokuyama Ready-Mixed Concrete Corporation) 2500 L (Matsue plant)
Mixer truck (hired) 26
 Large size (Hiroshima plant: 10 units) (Ryoko Tokuyama Ready-Mixed Concrete Corporation: 12 units) (Matuse plant: 4 units)
Technology Employed
Ceramics/ceramic products manufacturing industry
High-fluidity concrete
Ceramics/ceramic products manufacturing industry
Water-resist anti-separation concrete
Ceramics/ceramic products manufacturing industry
Low-heat generation/high-strength/high-fluidity concrete
Ceramics/ceramic products manufacturing industry
Ultra high-strength concrete
Ceramics/ceramic products manufacturing industry
Heavyweight concrete
Ceramics/ceramic products manufacturing industry
Ultralight concrete
Ceramics/ceramic products manufacturing industry
Porous concrete
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

1. Production of high-strength concrete 2. Production of high-fluidity concrete 3. Production of water-resist anti-separation concrete 4. Production of heavyweight concrete

Future Business Challenges
Improve technologies for creating added value products to address diversifying customer needs.
Develop and produce high quality concrete at low costs.
Develop various cement/mixed concrete application technologies collaborating with the parent company, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.
Future Technical Challenges
Ceramics/ceramic products manufacturing industry
Development of sophisticated technologies to address social requirements such as anti-earthquake measures and recycling.

Received an outstanding plant prize from the nationwide unified quality audit for ten successive years from 1998 to 2007.
Currently, only Hiroshima plant has been qualified with a Ministerial Certificate for high-strength concrete,
and we are now working toward acquiring the same certificate for Matsue plant in 2008.

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