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Chugoku Nama Concrete Co., Ltd.


Hiroshi ISHIUCI (Mr.)
Year established
80,000,000 yen
1,000,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
3-2-2 Dejima, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
Utilizing long years of experience, Chugoku Nama Concrete has been making efforts to provide products that can timely correspond with market needs through the pioneering introduction of new technologies, such as development of high-performance ready-mixed concrete and the utilization of by-product materials by introducing blast-furnace slag fine aggregate and fly ash.
RC-40, recycled roadbed material that utilizes our own waste fresh concrete, is registered as Hiroshima-prefecture Recycling Product, as well as given approval of use by the City of Hiroshima. We produce RC-40 chiefly for small-lot demand from local entities.
In addition to concrete, we are also involved with mix proportion test for improved ground and management test for improved soil. Quality control, environment preservation, utilization of creativity, upbeat workplace - with these four criteria in mind, we try hard to give customers full satisfaction.

Pressure test equipment (maximum load: 2000 KN). Capable of conducting a compressive strength test of up to 255 N/mm2 (test piece diameter: 10 cm)

We produce the raw material for recycled crushed stone RC-40 by first solidifying waste fresh concrete and then crushing it.

Major Products
Ready-mixed concrete
Major Customers
Tokuyama Co. Ltd.
Fujita Corp.
Todaka Mining Industry Co. Ltd.
Hiroshima Ready-mixed Concrete Cooperative
Major Facilities/Equipment
Batcher plant 1
 2-axis, forced mixing type 3.0 m³ mixer
Aggregate storage facility 11
 Corrugated silos (6), stock yards (2)
Concrete mixer vehicle Large-size type 18
Cement storage facility 5
 Ordinary cement, high-early-strength cement, portland blast furnace cement, and special cement
Test facility/equipment
 A full set of pressure test equipment and aggregate test facilities for concrete,
 versatile soil test equipment, a full set of CBR test equipment and mix proportion test facilities
Technology Employed
Other manufacturing industry
High-strength concrete.
Other manufacturing industry
Non-separated underwater concrete
Other manufacturing industry
Porous concrete
Other manufacturing industry
Slip form concrete
Other manufacturing industry
Plasticized mortar for floor leveling
Other manufacturing industry
Recycled crushed stone RC-40 (for roadbed)
Other manufacturing industry
Mix proportion test for improved ground and management test for improved soil
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

oduction of high-strength concrete
2. Production of non-separated underwater concrete
3. Production of plasticized mortar for floor leveling

Future Business Challenges
Technological consultation about concrete
Sales of concrete materials
Diagnosis of concrete constructs
Future Technical Challenges
Other manufacturing industry
Super high-strength concrete.
Other manufacturing industry
Low-heat-generating concrete
Other manufacturing industry
Concrete with regenerative aggregate

(2007) Acquired the Minister certification of high-strength concrete plant (under a single name): Fc maximum 60 N/mm² by N/M/L cement
(2008) JIS product certification of concrete using fly ash
Chief Concrete Engineer: 5, Concrete Engineer: 4 (as of 2009)

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