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Chugoku Bend Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing Industry

Yoshitaka TAHIRA (Mr.)
Year established
10,000,000 yen
1,200,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
4-6-23 Kusunoki-cho, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Corporate picture
Company PR
Chugoku Bend.,LTD. aims to become a company where employees feel pleasure and satisfaction by participating in creative endeavors at their own initiative and attaining the goal.
We offer a wide range of metal bellows expansion joints and nonmetal fabric expansion joints and provide them with the highest level technology.
Our customers include power companies from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south as well as big plant manufacturers.
Our customers are highly satisfied as we properly address their needs and provide high added-value products.
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Picture 2

Piping expansion joint for fuel

Major Products
Design and production of various types of bellows expansion joints
All work related to the design, production, and installation of labor-saving machinery
All work related to the design, production, and installation of automated machines
All work related to the design, production, and installation of steel structures
All work which accompanies the above
Major Customers
Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. and other electric power companies in all areas of Japan
Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.
IHI Co., Ltd.
Babcock-Hitachi K.K.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co., Ltd
Major Facilities/Equipment
Large caliber horizontal semi-automatic hydraulic bellows forming machine 1
 200 kg × 500 t
Hydraulic forming machine 2
 200 kg × 500 t
Hydraulic forming machine 2
 200 kg × 300 t
Large bellows forming machine 2
Automatic TIG welder 2
Technology Employed
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
Heat absorbing expansion due to a 3-dimensional time lag (horizontal X axis, Y axis and vertical Z axis).
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
Square expansion joint with rounded corners, giving a very robust bellows design.
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
Separatable seal bellows prevent pipes or hangers which pass through the main part of a boiler from gas leakage.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Metal and Nonmetal working technology, and Special welding technology

Future Business Challenges
Manufacturing of bellows without reaction plate
Evaporation/concentration device
Deep drawing technology to increase ductility of metal materials
Simplified seawater desalination technology
Device to crush and absorb hardened ash
Future Technical Challenges
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
Technology to weld ultra thin sheets.
Fabricated metal products manufacturing industry
Development of resin that has heat resistance and elasticity.

December 1991: Applied for registration as a utility model of anti-corrosion measure for a flue pipe and an expansion pipe June 1994: The Loop elastic coupling is announced as a utility model.                              September 1995: Approved as a plant to implement welding base on Electric Utility Industry Law 1. Thermal power equipment for power generation, and 2. Nuclear power equipment for power generation                             March 1996: Won approval as a manufacturing plant for expansion joint pressure vessel Category No. 1             April 1996: Became a plant approved to implement welding methods based on Gas Utility Industry Law.           February 1996, applied jointly for a patent on the structure of the corner part of boiler casing.

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