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Daiichi Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.


Takaji KAWANO (Mr.)
Year established
10,000,000 yen
650,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
1-5-8 Kogokita, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
Nothing is more important for your merchandise than its packaging. Does your merchandise appear exciting and vibrant? The packaging promotes all the benefits of a product, including its beauty, flavor, freshness, and safety. Daiichi Plastic Industry plans, proposes and delivers to you the most suitable trays for your merchandise.
Major Products
Trays for automatic packaging, drip trays, trays for food
Cushioning materials for food
Industrial cushioning materials
Blister formed products, clear plastic folders
Steamer tray
Major Customers
Oshimo Industry Co., Ltd.
Shingi Co., Ltd.
Fukusuke Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Plastic Co., Ltd.
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.
Major Facilities/Equipment
Continuous automatic vacuum forming machine 4
 800 × 1000
Automatic hydraulic cutting (press) machine 2
 100 t
Automatic hydraulic cutting machine 1
 50 t
Cutting machine 2
 30 t
Automatic dust collector 3
Technology Employed
Plastic products manufacturing industry
Vacuum forming of PET, PS, PP, filler, composite materials, etc. with the thickness of 0.1 - 1 mm.
Plastic products manufacturing industry
Aggressively working with new materials to suit a variety of uses.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Planning and proposal of trays to be used for automatic packaging.

Future Business Challenges
R&D of trays with special functions.
Expansion of business into the area of trays for electronic parts.
Future Technical Challenges
Plastic products manufacturing industry
Development of forming technology of photo-degradable or bio-degradable plastic.

1. Registered as utility model No. 033640: Trays for flower seedling culture (1995)
Developed trays for flower seedling culture through joint efforts with Taiyo Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Applied for patent on drip tray (December 1997)
2. This tray was developed to physically absorb drips or excessive moisture.
Marketing of this new product began in July 1998.
We have forged a collaboration with Shin Nikka Polymer Co., Ltd. For the manufacture and sale of drip trays. (June 2000)
3. Our steamer tray (developed jointly with Shin Nikka Polymer - patent pending), a new product, was marketed in May.
Basket steamers have been conventionally used for steaming foods at home, however this tray can be used to easily steam foods in a microwave oven.
4. The new general seedling pot was researched jointly with ARC and Taiyo-Kogyo, with a patent application made in June 2002.
It was designed for sales of seedlings, so that the pot and card are integrated. (Planned marketing date: November 2002)
5. We have acquired patent on steamer tray in August 2006.

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