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Ohki Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.


Wataru HIRAMATSU (Mr.)
Year established
10,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
1-16 Higashikanon-machi, Nishi-ku,
Company PR
Polishing materials for dentists and dental technicians, which are called “paper cones,” are made of sandpaper rolled up into conical or cylindrical shapes. Usually an original paper cone has no shaft, and a fork end shaft sold separately is used. However, a small-sized Mini Cone is supplied with its specified fork end shaft, and other products such as Sharp Mini and Sharp Cone are supplied with an Ohki-invented wood screw type shaft exclusive to fitting. The characteristic is its sharp conical shape and strong retention with low eccentricity. As for an articulating paper for dentists, we are the only company in Japan which uses thick Japanese paper, Washi. The articulating paper is a product into which non-dry ink with rich coloring matter like blue or red is interfused and adsorbed by brushing. By using the paper, coloring can be achieved enough to the occlusion position where pressure is applied, and the grade of pressure can be also indicated.
We sell the polishing materials to dentists and dental technicians on a nationwide scale via wholesale shops of dental materials.

Conical and cylindrical shaped polishing paper products fitting to
the shaft of diameter 2.34 mm with a wood screw and clasp

Dental articulating paper made of 120 μ-thick Washi

Major Products
inding and polishing components used by dentists and dental technicians (use after turning with mini-router, etc.)
Dental articulating paper (for checking adjustments of dentures)
Major Facilities/Equipment
Cutter 2
Roll mill 2
 Sand mixer
Articulating paper application device 1
 Ohki original
Rolling device (electric) 4
 Ohki original
Rolling device (manual) 40
 Ohki original
Technology Employed
Other manufacturing industry
Rolled sandpaper shaping. Includes paper cones and Ohki-invented small cones.
Other manufacturing industry
Articulating paper application. The only Japanese paper products in Japan that absorb ink.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Subminiature shaped sandpaper products invented by Ohki: Sharp Mini (with shaft) and dental articulating paper (the only Japanese paper that produces rich color when pressure is applied) have an overwhelming share of the domestic market.

Future Technical Challenges
Other manufacturing industry
Ohki hopes to develop and expand its marketing routes for shaped sandpaper products into metalwork, woodwork, engraving, sculpting, and DIY fields.
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