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Daito Kagu Soshoku Co., Ltd.


Shoso HINO (Mr.)
Year established
30,000,000 yen
75,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
7-7-38 Itsukaichi, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
We provide order-made furniture for storage or other purposes (wooden home decor and furniture), mainly using wood materials that are familiar and safe. Recently, more and more people have been looking for furniture and home decor that suits their particular tastes or purpose. In order to meet such needs, we take orders and manage the entire process from design to construction. We will continue to put our best efforts into creating comfortable living spaces for our customers.

This is the reception area in a library. We created a sense of solidity as well as softness.

These are the storage shelves for a computer room. We carried out the entire process from design to construction. (Located in a public high school in Hiroshima Prefecture)

Major Products
Home furniture
Built-in kitchens
Decorative cupboards
Order-made furniture, order-made kitchens
Special order furniture and wooden furniture for individual users
Major Customers
Hiroshima Prefecture public high schools
Sunahara Gumi
Hospitals (Sumida Hospital, others)
Major Facilities/Equipment
Palso 1
 Able to cut 3.3 m
Boring head 1
 Table: 1.3 by 2.2
Circular sawing machine 3
 Depth 1.2 m, right angle locking, inclined axis
Auto planer 1v
 Width: 300, width: 500
Lifting machine 2
 Lengthwise and widthwise cutting of pure materials
Technology Employed
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Project drafting according to application
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Provision of designs to suit individual purposes
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Materials and finishing specifications are considered for the design.
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Crush press and plywood molding press
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Square hole, round hole, and irregular hole drilling work is possible.
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Adhesion of face material (only possible for straight lines)
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
Joinery is possible.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Our products are wooden home decor and furniture, which are our original products that we create in response to our customers’ needs. We start by suggesting a design, from Japanese style to antique style, and then continue the process to create the finished product.

Future Technical Challenges
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
We plan to improve productivity using plywood molding techniques.
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
We aim to make further improvements in techniques that we currently apply, and to increase productivity.
Furniture/fitments manufacturing industry
We aim to master techniques for curved surface adhesion.
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