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TAIKI Techno Co., Ltd.


Hachiro KAWAMOTO (Mr.)
Year established
10,000,000 yen
800,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
6-10-1 Nagatsuka, Asaminami-ku,
Company PR
We aim at contributing to the solution of various kinds of concerns such as the creation of comfortable working environment for processors dealing with products of wood, iron, or cotton, prevention of pollutions, and laborsaving. We also aim to help reducing environmental load by making pellets (or woody fuel) from thinned wood and scrap wood that are cut down to preserve forestry. Over the years since the founding of our company, we have been building up a great deal of experience and accumulating excellent technologies . These technologies include plant planning and the manufacturing and installation of devices such as dust collectors, woodchip-burning boilers, crushers, and rotary dryers. We will utilize our experiences to convert the limited resources into fuel for energy cycle, and develop lifestyle with less environmental load to contribute to society.

Woody-fuel burning steam boiler

Workflow for pellet production

Major Products
Various dust collectors
Various boilers (boilers operated by biomass fuel, steam boilers operated by wood chip, hot-water boiler operated by wood chip)
Various incinerators
Rotary dryer
Various crushers
Major Customers
Marutama Industry Co., Ltd.
Eidai Co., Ltd.
Sekisui House, Ltd.
Chugoku Mokuzai, Co., Ltd.
Toyotex Inc. Narasaki Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Major Facilities/Equipment
Laser 1
 Flying optics laser processor
Iron worker 2
 Large, small
Band saw 3
 10 m, 5 m
Crane 10
 Overhead crane
Welding machine 23
 Plasma welding machine x 8 Welding machine x 15
Technology Employed
Lumber/wood products manufacturing industry (except for furniture)
The combination of “Continuous back wash mechanism” provided by high-pressure pulse jet air and “Felt filter” superior to dust collection efficiency can keep the dust collection performance constant. The mechanism can be operated continuously for 24 hours.
Lumber/wood products manufacturing industry (except for furniture)
We can correspond to the collection of fine powder with poor filter detachability and that of a large amount of dust with higher dust concentration.
Lumber/wood products manufacturing industry (except for furniture)
Moisture contained in the bark, wood chip, and sawdust can be reduced from maximum of 87% to 17% by using the surplus heat generated by the steam boiler. In addition, we also provide a product whose exhaust heat can be used for drying.
Lumber/wood products manufacturing industry (except for furniture)
Once-through boiler utilizes wood (bark, wood chip, pellet, briquette) as alternative energy to oil and generates the vapor, which is used for drying the wood or painting and heating.
Lumber/wood products manufacturing industry (except for furniture)
We provide various sizes of wood-chip incinerators. For the large type incinerator, the capacity is 200 kg/h or more, and the temperature inside the furnace is 800°C or more. The smoke temperature is decreased to 200°C or less in the air-cooling tower, and the high-performance dust collector discharges the exhaust gas to atmosphere.
Lumber/wood products manufacturing industry (except for furniture)
Shaving, panel material, large type control panel, residual sawing lumber, and wood can be crushed by the hammer mill crusher, biaxial crusher, or cutter mill crusher.
Lumber/wood products manufacturing industry (except for furniture)
Compression solidification device compresses, downsizes, and solidifies the wood chip to utilize it as fuel and to facilitate transportation.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

We design and manufacture the dust collector, crusher, volumetric feeder, dryer, and boiler. We utilize the “biomass fuel” such as wood meal, wood chip, bark, and scrap piece of wood discharged from the plant as alternative energy to oil for electric generation, drying, or heating. This reduces the cost drastically, reduces CO2, and contributes to the environmental conservation.

Future Business Challenges
We plan to dry or solidify (or pelletize in some cases) the leftover food to utilize it as biomass fuel or as ration for livestock.
Future Technical Challenges
Lumber/wood products manufacturing industry (except for furniture)
We plan to work on developing the technology to dry, solidify, crush, and pelletize the leftover food.
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