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Oda Occupational Health Consultant Office


Masahide ODA (Mr.)
Year established
Postal (zip) code
Company address
Oda Dental Clinic, 4-9-17 Ozu, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
As Occupational Health Consultants, our primary aim is to help ensure the health and safety of workers and their families. 1. Smoking is not only damaging to your body but also has serious dental and periodontal effects. We offer people guidance in ways in which to quit smoking. We explain to such people how they can rid themselves of nicotine stains and bad breath, and quit smoking by using the pocket tooth brush. 2. We manufacture sleep splints that have proven beneficial for people who snore or suffer from sleep apnea and have contributed to reductions in the occurrence of traffic and work-related accidents. 3. We produce mouth guards to increase sporting ability and ensure safety in contact sports. People who suffer from temporomandibular conditions are more likely to suffer from uncertain balance making them more susceptible to falls. We teach such people ways in which they can counter this.
Major Products
Pocket toothbrush
Sleep splint
Sports splint
Major Facilities/Equipment
Continuous electric furnace 1
 KDF007, 1000℃
Electric welder 1
Suction-type shaping machine 1
EOG sterilizer 1
Technology Employed
Other manufacturing industry
We are an occupational health consultant registered with the Minister of Health, Labor, and Welfare, and perform workplace health management as a Class-II working environment measurement expert.
Other manufacturing industry
We design toothbrushes, determining the bristle hardness, number of bristle rows, bristle density, and angle to match the symptoms of the user.
Other manufacturing industry
As psychological consultant or industry counselors, we advise for workplace comfort.
Other manufacturing industry
As dentists, we promote oral health in the workplace.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

We provide support for persons who have quit or who wish to quit smoking. When we provide guidance, including nicotine replacement products, we explain to them the fresh-breath benefits of the pocket toothbrush. We encourage these persons to make the decision to quit smoking, by giving up the smoke after a meal and replacing it with brush after eating, and by having the tar stains removed from their teeth at a dental clinic.

Future Business Challenges
For persons who snore or suffer from sleep apnea, we create sleep splints to reduce the occurrence of work-related accidents.
We create mouth guards to prevent external sports injuries, and splints which can also improve sports abilities.
We treat out patients who are afflicted with breath odor using breath odor measuring devices.
Future Technical Challenges
Other manufacturing industry
Splints which have been laminated
Other manufacturing industry
Research into factors which affect taste (saliva, teeth, chemicals)
Other manufacturing industry
Research into methods for easily measuring the human sense of balance, and into factors which affect dental occlusion

A utility model patent (No. 2124816) was registered on July 1, 1998 for the Hold-in-Mouth Toothbrush. An academic presentation was made at the Japanese Society of Public Health, entitled Review of the Effects of a Portable Toothbrush on Reducing Smoking and Freshening Breath. Doctor of Medical Science (research regarding subjective fatigue and stress in the work force)

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