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Terado Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing Industry

Kenji DAINOBU (Mr.)
Year established
10,000,000 yen
260,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
3-10-24 Ujinakaigan, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Corporate picture
Company PR
Ever since its foundation, Terado Sangyo has been producing and marketing gaskets and packing materials for all industries, including the automotive, waterworks, and gas industries.
Terada Sangyo has acquired ISO9001, and we have satisfied a great many customers with our focus on quality and on-time delivery. We operate under a quality policy that is based on the philosophy of always working to produce better products and ensuring customer satisfaction.
Major Products
Punching of non-metal materials, water-jet machining, and Cutting plotter processing
Sealings such as rubber and joint sheets
Friction materials and skids including clutch facing
Resins including fluororesin, and elastomer materials
Various kinds of thermal insulation materials including glass and ceramic products
Major Customers
Nippon Valqua Industries Ltd.
Mitsubishi Cable Industries Ltd.
Molten Co., Ltd.
Shin Meiwa Industry Co., Ltd.
Piping material businesses
Major Facilities/Equipment
Automatic cutting machine 2
Cutting plotter 1
Water jet machine 1
Foot-operated cutting machine 3
Technology Employed
Nonferrous metal manufacturing industry
Using automatic and foot-operated cutting machines for punching of non-metal materials, can handle all kinds of lots, from small to large.
Nonferrous metal manufacturing industry
Can machine almost all two-dimensional items that can be expressed in drawings by using water jet machining.
Nonferrous metal manufacturing industry
Can make very small lots of machined products by hand-machining.
Nonferrous metal manufacturing industry
Can handle punching of non-metal materials including rubber, small to large lots.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

Can handle two-dimensional items with highly complex configurations as the machining is carried out via a water-jet machine and cutting plotter with direct control based on a simplified CAD/CAM system. In addition, in the case of large lots, machining via an automatic cutting machine using dies is also available. Contact us for any kind of surface machining.

Future Business Challenges
Expansion of sales to electrical and electronics-related industries.
Expansion of sales to civil engineering and construction-related industries.
Handling of functional resin products and expansion of sales.
Future Technical Challenges
Nonferrous metal manufacturing industry
Three-dimensional machining of non-metal products.
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