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Takahashi Painting Co., Ltd.


Katsuhiko TAKAHASHI (Mr.)
Year established
10,000,000 yen
80,000,000 yen
Postal (zip) code
Company address
2-11-20 Ebaminami, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Company PR
Takahashi Painting is continuously studying various types of paints in order to be able to handle all kinds of paint projects. As the first company in Hiroshima City to introduce powder coating, Takahashi Painting boasts a number of achievements. We are making efforts to meet the needs of our customers.
Major Products
Control board box
Metal-framed glass products
Machine tools
Automotive parts
Aluminum products
Major Customers
Toyo Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd.
Chudenko Corp.
Tanaka Electric Industries Co., Ltd.
Molten Corporation
Okamura Corporation
Major Facilities/Equipment
Painting booth 2
 6000 × 2500 × 4000, 6000 × 2300 × 4000
Drying oven 2
 2800 × 6100 × 2800, 2800 × 4500 × 2800
Powder coating machine 1
 Onoda GX3300
Electrostatic painting machine 1
 Lansberg Automatic R-E-A gun
Compressor 3
 5 HP, 10 HP, 20 HP
Technology Employed
Other manufacturing industry
Performs in-process checks and conducts quality inspection before shipping.
Other manufacturing industry
Completely uniform performance with no unevenness in coating thickness. This type of coating is also considerably more affordable in terms of unit price than ever before.
Other manufacturing industry
With the introduction of electrostatic coating, can apply high-quality coating.
Other manufacturing industry
Handles various types of special paints including fluorine-containing polymer and urethane.
Primary Area of Technical Expertise

In the painting industry, mainly melamine or urethane resin coatings have traditionally been offered. Takahashi Painting was the first to introduce powder coating. Based on its know-how accumulated over a considerable number of orders, the company is capable of handling all kinds of products. Takahashi Painting can also handle fluorine-containing polymers.

Future Business Challenges
To greater analyze the changing needs of customers.
To develop more efficient technologies and extend know-how to handle newly developed paints.
Future Technical Challenges
Other manufacturing industry
To consider using environmentally-friendly paints.
Other manufacturing industry
To offer a consistent range of services from material selection to painting and curing.
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